Card of the Day – Tuesday – December 11, 2012


Today’s card is the Beauty and the rune of the day is Sowilo (sun/lightning/strength).

I’m going to reverse my usual order of reading, as I often do when readings are very positive to for individuals but may be cloudier for current events.

The Beauty Card is a wonderful card in many aspects, it is a young women realizing she is beautiful for the first time.  It gives her sense of self-worth, feminine power and awareness of beautiful things.  In its more negative aspects it can result in vanity, pride and miss-use of feminine power but individuals can simply use today’s energy to concentrate on the beauty of what they are and what they see around them and take care not to get too caught up in selfish rather than self-driven actions.

Self-driven actions can come from a realization that something needs to be done to make one’s own life (or those of ones family) more beautiful, but they are different from selfish actions where the only desire is personal gain at the expense of others.  Western culture often confuses selfish actions with self-driven actions, when in reality they come from two very different places in the human heart.

The Sowilo rune, is a very powerful one and usually is associated with strength, courage, the Sun, lightning bolts, electricity etc.  So this is a very good day for people working in fields like astronomy, electrics, physical labor, under-cover reporting, athletes (again), Solar energies (including atomic) etc.

The downside of Sowilo is similar to the selfish side of Beauty, it is the mis-use of strength, or the miss-use of energy, or “lightning strikes” to over-power others or again obtain selfish goals.

Individuals can avoid these pitfalls in a similar fashion to the problems of vanity and selfishness with the Beauty card by examining their motives before using their extra “strength” when approaching or revealing problems.

Today is a good day to know “why” you are doing things because just “doing” them may be easier than usual and you want to make sure your actions result in outcomes you are really a happy with.

Now for the Current Events part – as always Peoples/Tribes/Nations are free to use and flow with tall the good aspects of these energies but I’m pretty certain that not all of them will.

The Beauty Card with its tendency towards self-absorption, vanity, pride and self-delusion is rather worrying as is the fact than in other readings it has shown up representing the EU (and other female headed power blocks/countries/organizations).  This could include even the IMF which is currently headed by a women.

Even more “enlightening” and a bit unnerving is the history of the Sowilo rune when it comes to the major player in the EU, Germany.  If you look closing, readers may recognize the Sowilo rune as the single form of the symbol of the elite SS shock troops (lightning bolt/strength) from WWII.  Now, I’m not suggesting that modern Germans are Nazis, only that this rune was used in the context of German Warriors who German will “like lightning” during the Second World War.

To me, this Rune may be suggesting that once again The Beauty (if it is the EU in this context) is about to be “lit up” from German backed sources (banks, government, military whatever I’m not sure).  And/or that SIMILAR forces may be at play here (and not just in Germany) as caused the Germans to form the Nazi state when they did.

The Beauty card suggests that many are simply too self-absorbed or too confident of their own power to be aware of the seriousness of these issues (like poverty, the danger of hyper-inflation, a growing bank-backlash, a sense of both desperation and growing revolt in local populations etc).

Taking this second view, it is more suggesting that the “Beautiful Dream” (of a United and Peaceful Europe that wins Nobel Prizes) is really in danger of suffering many of the same problems that their predecessor in attempting European domination (Nazi Germany) did, or experiencing many of the same dangerous trends that could lead in that direction.

I also think this energy is going to echo into North America and other places, especially the self-absorption, personal vanity and refusal to deal with reality as it exists and instead hoping for some “strong” solution to “light up” things and make them go away.

This doesn’t happen to happen, The Beauty can be a powerful force for good and right action; the Sun Rune can provide Strength and Power to ignite right actions and give light to the world’s cities.

But miss-used, feminine power especially has the ability to blind people (especially men/male powers) to the real dangers involved in something until it is too late.  The Sun also holds the powers of explosion (including atomic/little sun) as well as light.

In reality, this is a very powerful combination of energies for good or ill and I’m hoping that everyone, everywhere makes the right choices.  Given yesterday’s Father Card/Giant/Thorn/Boil reading, suggesting that a Patriarchal/Masculine/Father energy was about to come to a head/boil over – I take the distraction and self-absorption to the point of ignoring (or distracting others to ignore) real danger, pretty seriously.