Card of the Day – Monday – December 10, 2012


This Monday’s card reading is the Card for Father (Father, Paternal energy, Patriarchy, teaching, a male leader) and the rune is Thurisaz (Giant, Thorn, Prick, Boil).

As we’ve noted before the Father energy can also represent a Father-Identified nation especially in a current-events reading; and I’m zeroing in on Germany as the “Father land” for this one.

While as always, this energy is likely to play out on a number of levels and affect more than one situation, I’m really feeling that “Greater Germany” (aka the Northern States of the EU) are going feel they are up against a “Giant, Thorn” this week that looks likely to “prick” their bubble.

This situation isn’t new, and has even been the source of a number of news stories over this past weekend.  The cards seem to echo that public press sentiment that the “Father Land” has a big, rising boil on its hands; it may not burst this week, but it is likely to be a major focus of this week.

This could also extend into other places with male identified (or paternalistic cultures) male dictators of all stripes are likely to have big head aches this week, with giant problems rolling out like boulders to try to unsteady the ground under their feet (which may be “rising up”) in uncomfortable ways as well.

Look for “Father-Figure” leaders throughout the world to be in the news this week and not all of it negative.  I’m drawn to Nelson Mandela and other “father’s of countries” as likely news makers.

Even “Uncle Sam” could be in for some side-effects of this growing snow-ball, though my sense it that the serious effects are likely to come a bit later in the month (or the early New Year).

Finally, this could be a week where some major discovery “bursts into the open” mostly like either discovered by a man, or affecting men/fathers in some way.

On a personal level, Fathers and Father figures of all sorts are likely to play a larger than usual role this week.  Issues that have been bubbling a long time may come out in both positive and negative ways; try to keep them positive when the lid blows off because sometimes the air just needs clearing before a bit of laundry can be done.

A great week for teachers, clergy, honest politicians (I know a rare thing, dishonest ones beware the giant boil under their feet), bosses, managers, athletes and others whose jobs need that “burst” of speed or “giant” leap to move forward.

So, looks like an over all active-energy week with a lot of things rising up that need dealing with, some with a lance and some with swift action.


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