Card of the Day – Thursday – November 29, 2012

Today’s Card is The Beauty (A Beautiful Women/Person, A Beautiful Country/Idea, Vanity, Self Esteem)

Today’s Rune is the same as Yesterday’s Hagalaz (Hail Stone, Hail, Frozen Water, Sudden Strike, Sudden Hit)

This is a very interesting combination, especially given the pattern of the last week’s cards (also reviewed in yesterday’s reading).

Today we go from the Yes card to The Beauty but the rune Hagalaz (hail/strike) remains the same.

My hunch is that we are now getting a hint as to what may be about to be hit, in danger of erupting (Tuesday’s Reading) and yet seems to be frozen when it is not (Monday’s reading).

We know that whatever it is, it is something that appears to be Beautiful or at least thinks very highly of itself.  This could be a person, country, area of natural beauty etc; but whatever it is, it is something likely to be stuck staring at its own reflection rather than seriously concerned about the issues of others.

The hail-stone rune suggest “The Beauty” is in for a big shock/surprise/hit any day now, when it is “struck/hit/attacked/blind-sided etc” with something – could be anything from actual hail-storms (bad weather) to an attack from above (war, meteor, surprise economic issue) or even metaphorical like a “hit” of revulsion, personal revelation, awareness, understanding of something.

While on its own not a bad combination, this Beauty is Hit by Hail Storm is very concerning given the week’s previous cards and run combinations.

If I have to guess what the Beauty could be, there are too possible hints in the Kenaz Rune (which also means torch as well as boil/eruption) and the Beautiful etc (aka American the Beautiful, holder of the torch).  But there are other nations whose citizens refer to their home-lands as beautiful and even a few that have torches/lights/fires as part of their national symbolism (France for one).  So while this could be about the US, other places or issue can not be ignored.  The Beauty has shown up in previous readings associated with the European Union, so that and other “beautiful” and especially female identified places (like Russia, California etc) can not be lightly cast aside as potential risk areas.

Since this is a longer running pattern, we may not see the final out-come for a few days yet, then like Hurricane Sandy it may all become clear once the Beauty is struck.

For now, we can hope that someone(s) is/are simply “struck by the beauty of something” rather than The Beauty is Struck.  Certainly individuals can concentrate on the energy to manifest for themselves in this fashion.

Hail breaking a personal situation, while painful during the direct “hit,” often clears the air for positive movement forward, personal growth and expanded horizons.  It may shatter some “Beautiful illusions” only to replace them with a better understood and more interesting reality, or at least a reality that can be dealt with as the situation requires.

As said before, while this process is seldom fun, it is often enlightening; so be ready for a shock or two in your life, but be open towards meeting it in a calm and understanding manner.

Tomorrow or early Saturday, I hope to do another “Reading of the Week,” as next Monday (if things work out)I will be having minor surgery to drain out my right ear.  Last time I was dizzy and unsteady for a few days afterwards so I may or may not be back to reading by the end of next week.  But, having done the experiment once before, I know that the cards can project out a week if they need to.  Like all readings, you get more clarity if you have a shorter time frame, but the weekly reading should give my readers something to go on; and I will drop in late next week if I can.

Meanwhile, be ready for what’s coming but enjoy what you have now…