Card of the Day – Wednesday – November 27, 2012

Just a quick update, I hadn’t planned on posting tonight because it was nearly 11pm by the time I actually got to sit down at my computer (nothing wrong, just busy day that started early and didn’t stop).  But then I decided just to pull a card and rune for a forum I’m a member of and it was so curious I decided to post quickly here anyway.

The Card:

The Rune: 

Hagalaz: Hail, Hail Storm, Sudden Strike, Sudden hit, Strike of Frozen Water, Unexpected and sudden event.

So, the last three days the runes have been:

Isa:  Ice (frozen)

Kenaz: torch/boil/eruption – forces building and seeking release

Hagalaz: Hail stone (Isa in motion), sudden strike, unexpected event that hits hard.

And the last two days have had “Yes” for the energy card – suggesting:

Yes – Kenaz (boil/torch/fire/eruption

Yes – Hagalaz (hail, strike, sudden hit)

Monday was “The Liar” with Isa (Frozen)

So it looks like “a lie” or falsehood that something is frozen in place or unmoving, in reality it is simply in the stages of “coming to a boil” and getting ready to strike.

I not sure if this event is geological or human caused (or some of both) but the energies suggest it is building.


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