Card of the Day – Monday – Novemeber 26, 2012

Today’s card is the Liar (something is false, someone is lying, something is not as it seems, distraction).

The rune of the Day is Isa – Ice, frozen, unmoving, static

Taken together they suggest that something false is at play on the current events of today – this issue may either appear to be frozen (when it is not) and/or may be stuck until the lie is exposed or dealt with in some fashion.

I have two possible suggestions for this energy based on the past two weeks readings (and they are not mutually exclusive as energy can play in many areas at once).

The first would be the economy/currencies/EU/North American situation that started to show up before the weekend.  If this is the case then there is probably a lie that something has been fixed and/or that things are frozen (there is no budget, there is no decision on Greece, the US fiscal cliff still hangs out there etc.) and it is a lie that they are not.  There may also be yet another issue combined with the above that the Liar (Joker) is trying to distract from, the “do not look at the man behind the curtain” comes to mind here.

The other issue was the long-running situation in the Middle East that was in the cards off an on the last two weeks.  This version suggests that it is a lie that things are frozen (stopped) or that there is a falsehood (being played false) in the cease-fire.  Of course a cease-fire is not a Peace Treaty,  simply a stop in hostilities.  But if this reading concerns that situation, than it would appear that one or both sides are deliberately lying about some issues while things are “iced up” or “frozen over” for a bit.  When the “ice melts” (aka official ceasefire ends) then things may melt very quickly.

For personal readings this card suggests that something may not be as it seems in personal activities and relationships.  Things may also seem kind of gummed up or frozen, unable to move forward – however that itself may be part of the lie.  So while you shouldn’t bang you head against a wall if something/situation simply won’t move, pushing it a little to see if it rocks may be a good idea today.

As always with the Liar card – a day to read fine print and avoid signing major contracts whenever possible (and if you have to be very careful).  A great day however if you sell used cars or own a race track!

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