Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Nov 23-25, 2012

This weekends Cards: Father, Money and The Sage (Wisdom/Wise Men) suggest that the energy focus is once again shifting, this time from conflicts (probably The Middle East) back to Money/Economy.

The rune-Stave Uruz (ancient wild cattle) contains a number of meanings – Melting/Moving, Creativity/Healing, Ice/Ice Age/Wild Energies/Wild Animals.

In this case I think it is suggesting the melting (or even melt down) may be about to occur – which it is may decide on how the “Fathers” (Business leaders, National Leaders, etc) decide to use or reject wisdom (or the lessons of history, note the books on the Sage’s shelves).

Again the Father Card can also mean nations with male identifications such as The Fatherland and I think Germany may be involved here or at least caught up in the energy. That’s because a story not getting a lot of attention in North America because of the holiday, was the EU’s total failure to get a budget plan in place for the next several years.  The Fathers (and the Father-land) are just too far apart in what steps they want to take next, both in terms of direct funding (and levies) on member states, but to some degree about the Euro itself.

If I am correct in this guess, then look for the situation in Europe/EU to suddenly either start flowing rapidly towards some sort of solution or a mass melt down (and perhaps some of both in different places).  It takes an ancient cow (in the Norse Creation Myth) a long time to lick enough ice for the waters to begin to flow and the new world begin. It may start as a trickle, but once it grows into a rushing river nothing stops it until the weather changes or the ice runs out.

This is likely to be about more than just the EU, but that seems the mostly likely place this energy will strike first (but it will certainly affect other places too).

On a personal level, actually some pretty good cards; a suggestion to use wisdom and perhaps the traditional rules laid down by “parents” when it comes to using and saving money this weekend.  The Father on the card is pointing his son where to shoot his arrow to provide food for the family and wise counsel can help others do the same.

Over all, a good weekend to use wisdom when “hunting” for Yule Tide gifts or even investment advice. Watch out for sudden rivers of change that seem to melt out of no where – also a great weekend for things that have been stuck coming unstuck – some of which may be great, but a lot of this may be rather uncomfortable while it is going on.