Card of the Day – Tuesday – November 13, 2012

Well today we seem to get a break from heavy, deep and complex readings because the energy topic the card and rune is concentrating upon seems to be the world of mundane Work combined with Uruz (Ancient Cattle/Strength).

Like all of these readings it still has multiple levels but for the most part I think the cards are flagging the fact that right now, the issue of Work/Jobs/Employment is still the “Strongest” issue on the minds of most people in North America and probably Europe as well.

The Uruz rune, which represents the ancient wild cattle of Europe, also comes with a heavy dose of Strength which can (like wild cattle) stampede out of control if spooked or frightened.  These were huge and never really tamed, very similar to a mob of people who can be led but not really controlled.

I think the good news in this combination is the idea of the “Strength of Labor/Work” and there is a hint of Union organizing (or revival) in the cards.  I’d look for stories about this today and how it affects the market place, also the idea of work/employment being a stronger force in society and politics than many people realize.

A warning for the Powers that Be (both political and corporate) is to beware of the wild side of the Uruz rune when dealing with those with employment/labor/unemployment concerns.  Both in pushing those employed to far and in dealing fairly with those unemployed through no fault of their own and running out of resources.  Those in “control” may suddenly find themselves “out” of control, as forces and people move in fast and unusual ways.

Stories to look for here are unemployment extensions and delays, employment contracts, layoffs, hirings, company benefit plans also job related riots, group think and business/work/corporate situations spinning out of control.

From a personal point of view, today is a very “strong” one when it comes to job and working conditions.  A really good day for an interview or job review; but also a day when “strong forces” can influence work and employment.

An active day, remembering that while the Work Card usually means jobs and labor, it can also mean spiritual work; just as the Uruz rune can be both physical and spiritual strength.

So a good day for meditation, study, dreaming and other sorts of spiritual breakthroughs.

Not a bad day for working with animals (including other humans) to reach a goal either but beware of stampeding energies that may get out of control.


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