Card of the Day – Wednesday – November 7, 2012

The Card for the Day is the Moon and the Rune-Stave is Hagalaz (Hail/Hail Stone).

This seems to be a simple reading but I have reasons to believe it is a rather complex message that may be “read” on several levels and reflected in more than one way.

First a bit of back ground on the card and rune-stave…

The Moon – something hidden is being revealed, something comes out of the depths of the sea and/or the unconscious mind.  Dreams, Prophecy, madness (Lunacy), intuition, The actual physical Moon or another celestial object.

Hagalaz – Hail, hail stone, actual frozen water/object striking the earth, sudden and unexpected event, shatter, sudden breaking of a pattern when it is “hit” by something, shattering of illusions etc., etc..

I’ve had this combination once or twice before and my husband “The Rune Master” has suggested the most elementary meaning of this reading could be an actual “strike” from “space “ either a celestial body like an asteroid or comet and/or bad weather containing hail or something from space/moon that hits the earth like a hail stone.

I’m pointing this out simply because the energy is there for that, it isn’t a likely situation in the next 24 to 48 hours but it is possible (along with plane crashes and other examples of things smashing like hail into the earth from above).

Super-Storm Sandy driven by the moon and striking the East Coast of the US is a perfect example of this sort of energy combination.  A moon/lunar earthquake/volcanic “Strike” would also fit.

However, the more subtle meaning of this combination would be either:

Hidden things/secrets revealed and/or surface, that send a “hailstorm” of response (perhaps cracking or destroying something when it hits, including illusion).


Dreams (intuition) Smashed, Broken or smashed open (this last one could be a good thing in certain situations). 

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that part (but not all) of these energy reading refers to events that may be in process in the aftermath of the US National elections.  It is likely that something/information/situation is going to be revealed very shortly (or come to the surface) that will strike like a smashing  hailstone on to the American public.

This could be anything from a revelation about the candidates, the election itself, hidden actions or even an action by an outside party (like Israel suddenly staging an attack on Iran suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere).

It could even be something totally new that distracts the nation/world/western world almost immediately after the election (hours, days or even a couple of weeks).

Whatever it is, physical object/weather or some hidden information coming to light (or anything along those lines) the hail-strike is likely to be swift, sudden and shattering.

There is also a hint of the shattering of illusions here, and that may be the most positive  Current Events reading  that can be made, at this point.  A lot of people around the US (and the world) had a lot of their dreams/illusions/ideas broken apart pretty well yesterday – though honestly I think this is a reflection of this energy not the entire focus of the hail stone’s striking.

On a personal and individual level, this is a day to be aware that the unexpected can strike suddenly and out of nowhere.  When this happens, radical changes may occur or situations may at least be altered from their present course.

This is in no way always a bad thing, having the veil of illusion lifted from a situation in order to see clearly what is actually going on.

But it is often disruptive and uncomfortable when it is going on; it may even been painful or dangerous depending on the nature of the illusion in question.

In addition, this card signifies as great time for dreams and visions; though especially of the sort that are blinding and sudden.

A perfect evening for some star-gazing in hopes of discovering a new comment or just enjoying the craters on the moon.

A day to expect a certain amount of wonder, revelation and sudden changes in direction when “hit” by unexpected events. 

Over-all a suggestion that what may have been hidden (beneath the sea/unconscious) is about to surface – Ready or not here it comes rising up to meet us.