Card of the Day – Monday – November 5th, 2012


Today’s Card is Work (usually mundane earthly work but can be mental or spiritual work as well) and the rune stave is ehwaz (horses/partnerships).

It is only natural that after a week like the last one, with the terrible storm in the US and bad weather is other places; that this combination would be the primary energy for the next day or two.

Last week’s Super-Storm was such a large energy driver that it seems likely it was reflected in the cards almost everyday since October 1st (see weekly reading special on October 27, by clicking here).  Thankfully it has now passed over (at least that particular storm) and people can get to the process of working together to rescue, revive and rebuild.

However, I think there is another issue reflected in the cards that is only slightly less obvious and it points to the issue of “Work” aka Jobs as a major issue in the US Election tomorrow.  It is entirely possible given this reading that it may be THE ISSUE that sinks or swims one candidate or another; at the very least it suggests this may be the main issue the majority of voters have on their minds.

The horse rune means partnership, but the partnership may be equal or unequal; voluntary or involuntary.  For example two horses linked to a carriage work together with each other and also with their driver; the relationships between the horses is equal, but the driver is in control of both horses.

Human employment (or lack of it) may be equal or unequal, voluntary or involuntary but in the modern Western world the average person is not in a coequal partnership with their employer.  Unless you work on a family farm or own a business partnership; most people who work have those over them and those under them as well as the people beside them.  This is a situation that is always going to cause some tensions and I’m feeling some of that here (so Unions/Management issues may be important especially in the US elections but with reflections world-wide).

There is also an implied partnership (or was for much of the 20th and 21st centuries) between employer and employee – an unequal partnership for sure, but an actual partnership none the less.  In the last few years there has been a sense of breakdown in this partnership, especially in North America where two decades of out-sourcing and the loss of manufacturing have combined with a ghastly recession to make the average worker feel very exposed to possible unemployment at any moment.  No matter how hard they work, no matter how good they are at their job, there is tension, concern and often a feeling of powerlessness.

There are also huge numbers of unemployed people (though out the Western World, not just the US) who feel the breakdown of the social/economic/political partnership that is theory is supposed to hold societies and individuals together.

The US election helps focus people on this issue (even outside the US) but it is an ongoing situation that has been building for some time.

The good news is the solution to some of the problem also exists in the reading because the way forward is for new “partnerships in work” to be established and supported.  The more equal partnerships we have in our lives, the easier it is to deal with the unequal ones that life forces upon us.  Even unequal partnerships need to be beneficial to both parties in some ways; the horses are cared for and fed by their driver; who in turn gets to where he needs to go with their help.

Also, we should not forget the spiritual aspects of partnerships; they provide a sort of ethical compass that helps us manage the more practical aspects of mundane partnerships and helps us keep some prospective on them as well.

Human institutions/tribes/nations/companies/cultures all have their times of rise, expansion and fall but with spiritual work we learn that there are things beyond them that are longer lasting and perhaps ultimately more important.

A verse attributed in the Norse God Odin expresses one of these things, the name and deed we leave behind and are remembered for.  Ultimately the partnerships we enter into in this life, will have a profound affect upon both; so choose wisely when you have choices and remember the true “work” of life…

From the Hávamál

Cattle die,
kinsmen die
you yourself die;
I know one thing
which never dies:
the fate of the honored dead.