Card of the Day – Thursday – October 25, 2012

Today‘s reading is very late and tomorrow/next week reading may be delayed as well, as I am busy getting ready for my trip to Denmark.  However, I do hope to have a special “Cards for Next Week” posted either tomorrow or Saturday.  It is possible to do readings in this way, but they tend to be a bit more general than a daily snapshot of what is going on.

Anyway, today’s Card is The Tree (strength, putting down roots, something stable) and Riado (riding Travel) the same rune-stave as Yesterday.

So, while last week (and the week before) we had an unusual repetition of the concept of “Mother/Mother Earth/Mother goddess/Female Figures” – this week we seem to be getting a lot of travel/riding/voyage energies which can be related to physical, mental or spiritual travel.

The most interesting thing that I see is the progression from Travel with Joy on Tuesday (positive moment forward), then a sudden Stop/halt/No/travel yesterday, to what looks like a sitting in place and/or putting down roots affecting or directed by travel/riding today.

From an energy point of view, we once again have the sort of conflicting energies trying to balance out we had yesterday but today they may be trying to become more stable and sit still for a moment (rather than smashed to a halt) while the effects of both forces have some time to sink in and act upon the world.

Even my husband (aka the Rune Master) isn’t sure exactly what this reading means and neither do I, but if take it just on face value as a single reading – today looks like a good day to travel or journey towards things that help create good personal foundations and growth.

For example this is a good day to take a physical journey to examine a new school/job/house or a spiritual journey that is intended to seek out your life path and/or another long-term goal.

In terms of current-events/macro-world events, it suggest that the sudden rush forward of events followed by smashing into a brick wall of something/someone(s) is now being forced to sit still and examine the next steps that may bring forth the outcome that it/they desire, but still feels pushed to keep moving in some direction.

Since I have been getting reports over the last two days of many personal examples of people having things seem to rush forward in their lives on Tuesday to have them smashed to a stop yesterday; I can only guess that something like this is also going on in the outer world, even if I haven’t been able to grasp the exact situation(s) the forecast is focusing on.

Whatever it is, it is being given time today to take root and then continue on in some fashion.  Though while trees can be very stable, they don’t tend to travel well once they are planted, and they tend to break rather then bend in very strong storms.  Which suggests something that isn’t really ready to be “planted” trying to do so too early which possibly unhappy,  unbalanced or “broken” results.

I am hopeful of getting a fuller explanation tomorrow or Saturday when I’ll experiment with a longer “cards for the next week” as a projected reading for when I’m traveling in Denmark over the following few days.

Until then, sit tight and continue to look for stories about things that looked to be moving forward, suddenly are not and now may be trying a balancing act between moving forward and staying put.

In your personal life, realize that both the tendency to want to “root” (look inward, become strong, stay still) will be somewhat at odds with an equal energy to move outward (travel).  This may be uncomfortable but should be manageable if you realize it is happening, you can then simply make a choice as to which direction is more appropriate for you at this time and stick with it.   Be ready to change if circumstances do, but otherwise use your own wisdom in moving forward or staying put for a while.