Card of the Day – Wednesday – October 24, 2012

Today‘s cards are No and The Beauty, the rune–stave is Raido (Riding Travel)

While it is perfectly normal for energies to sometimes reach a peak and then be met with an opposing energy soon after, only once in a while do you see things change as quickly as seems to have happened in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday, we had cards for Joyful traveling and journeys (both physical and spiritual) while today we have nearly the opposite reading! It isn’t that things are totally and exactly opposite, but it is close which suggests this is a time period when wild and uncertain swings are likely in both events and energy for next few days at least (I suspect longer).

As to the exact cards, the No card (opposite of yesterday’s Yes Card) suggest that something will not happen or that permission for something is denied.  The Beauty card is a bit more complex and this is where the reading pulls somewhat away from yesterday’s but not entirely.

The Beauty is a young women coming into her power for the first time, she sees her reflection in the mirror and realizes her female power and her own beauty.  In its positive aspects, this card represents female power/female figures/female leaders/female attraction and self esteem.  In a negative aspect is can symbolize vanity/selfishness/miss-use of sexuality/self-absorption/a dangerous women.

The rune-Stave Raido is where the travel comes in as it means Riding/Travel especially on horse-back (land travel rather than yesterday’s ship travel).  The travel can be physical or spiritual and there is also a muted aspect of partnership here, the unequal partnership of horse and rider.

So while yesterday we had a basic message of Yes/Travel/Joy, Today we have

No Beautiful Riding/Travel

What that means on a practical level is that yesterday’s energy of “smooth sailing” may suddenly run into bumpy rides and sudden curve balls.  It also suggests that some of the problems may come from focusing too much on the self and not enough on the surroundings people find themselves in.  There is also a hint that personal solutions are not likely to work for some major problem involving either travel or “the path the world is on.”

Which doesn’t mean we don’t try to solve are our direct path/travel/riding problems; but we may not be able to do much for “The Ride” the bigger ship is taking us on.

In terms of current events/macro readings; this energy suggests that something/someone(s) is going to be prevented from doing something they very much want to do.  Something they wish to move forward on is being  hindered or stopped by self-absorption, vanity or hubris.  And/or that the deep and actual beauty of something is simply not being seen and they she/they are being “taken for a ride.”

Again there are suggestions that while some movements are prevented, others are moving ahead with nothing to prevent them from continuing and/or the distraction of the beauty may be helping them along.

Look for stories today about travel problems (especially among the wealthy and famous), horses, horse racing, possible weather created travel issues, stuck negotiations and difficult with plans that seemed all “set” to take place.

For individuals, a cautionary day; the No-Riding doesn’t mean you can’t travel at all (either physically or spiritually) but be aware that problems are possible and be prepared to get bogged down at some point (good books in your travel kit are a must today).

Over-all an unexpected and serious flip of energies in such a short period; such energy fluctuations sometimes influence the material world as well; so watch out for strange/severe weather and earth-based issues like earthquakes, volcanoes etc.

A rare day with both active and passive energies that seem to be at odds with each other.







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