Card of the Day – Monday – October 22, 2012

After a few days of not doing these reading for various personal reasons, it appears there has been a shift in the energies the cards and runes are showing us.

Today’s card is The Skills and the rune-stave is Uruz (Wild Oxen).  The Skills card represents skills either needed or already learned that are needed to solve or deal with a certain problem/situation.

The Uruz rune, is fairly complicated but its most basic symbol is the wild and untamed giant cattle of ancient Europe.  These were cattle prized for the size of their horns, but totally non-domesticated, violent and huge.  There is also the ancient Germanic story that the current world was formed when the original wild Cow licked the ice and melted the waters of the world into being.  There are many who see echoes of the end of the last European ice age in this and I tend to agree that an ancient memory of this time is probably hidden somewhere in that story.

Uruz is also associated with the unconscious forces (especially the wilder and deeper ones) and sometimes with healing (especially when something needs to be broken into or re-shaped).  It can also be useful in breaking down barriers both physical and spiritual, but like a wild Ox can be difficult to control once it has been let loose upon an issue (or illness).

Taking these cards and runes together you get a combination of learned/practiced skills and brute/natural forces either working together or perhaps one is needed to harness/control the other?

There is a suggestion that there is something like the bull in the China shop out in the world at the moment and that great skills are needed to properly channel or deal with it.

In current events, I can think of several situations where this would apply; I feel a pull towards Japan, but also towards the world-wide weather systems in general.  After all, like the Ancient Cattle, it is very difficult to control the weather even if sometimes both cattle and weather can be stirred up or even directed a bit, by human action.  There are always hints of the Ice Age in this rune, which could indicate a harsh Winter and/or consequences of Winter involved in the situation being targeted.

Instead of controlling the ancient bovines, early hunters learned to direct them off cliffs or into traps instead.  There they could then use their skills to subdue and kill them, although often at great costs to themselves.

I believe there is some issue out there right now that is similar, and like all energy readings there may be more than one; though in this case I feel there is one major one that will soon be pretty obvious.

Meanwhile, on a personal level this is a great set of card and rune for the day.  The skills indicate a great time to learn or practice new learning/physical actions/mental/spiritual techniques etc; and the Uruz rune suggests a time when these lessons can be learned on the deepest levels.  A time when dreams and visions from the depths becomes important and when protection and healing can be found.

In a nut shell, you have a very practical and mundane world card; combined with a very deep, magical, unstoppable and ancient force of power behind it.  Use them well and you will find learning on all levels comes easier during this time period.