Card of the Day – Wednesday-October 17, 2012

Today’s Card is the Voyage and the rune-stave is Berkano (Birch Tree/Divine Mother/Mother) and gives us a very interesting forward tracking on last week’s Mother energy. [Raido is added later, see text of blog]

Last week, we had a rare four days in a row of the Mother Card in every single reading.  Then this week the energy seemed to shift just a bit from Maternal/Mother Earth/Mother figure energy to more peer group (Friendship) or partnership (Union) energies (though Union can be between equals or between a person and a Higher Power like a Mother or the Divine).

Now we have the Voyage Card (moving forward, a trip, an actual journey, the Ship of State, etc) with Berkano the rune usually translated as Birch Tree but also the Divine Female energy or Mother Goddess.  Berkano can also be a female energy, human Mother or nurturing aspect (note the B turned sideways becomes a women’s breasts and the Germanic people were often fond of moving their rune-staves around in different directions).

So what we seem to have here is much of the Same Energy expressed last week in the Mother Card, now showing up this time in the Runes!  Being a much older system (probably by 2,000 years or so) the Berkano rune is a slightly different, more intense and complex energy than the modern card – but in this case it is still pretty much: Mother/Mother Goddess/Mother Earth/Divine Female/Nurturing Energy.  Some people associate this rune with Nerthus the ancient Germanic Earth Mother and Hel the Norse Goddess of Death and the Underworld.

Like any Mother, Mother Earth (or a Mother Goddess) can be nurturing, caring, supportive and protective; but she can also get tired, cranky, angry and disciplining of her children.

If there seems to be any over-all theme to the last week of readings it appears to be that of the elements of Earth and Water with today’s addition of the Sea itself.  Both in terms of the Ship at Sea and the old associations of Nerthus both as Earth Mother and her shrine on an Island.  Ships were also associated with her worship on dry land as well as her husband/twin as the God of the Coastal Sea.

Taking all this together, it is possibly that we are looking at Earth/Sea/Tidal/Coastal issues, husband (aka The Rune Master) is looking over my shoulder and suggests evacuations of the Coastal Areas (or an area) would fit these past week of readings.  There are strong hints of a geological rather than a man-made situation here, though when humans are involved (or in the way) they always have choices about how they respond.

After husband came in and mentioned this, I decided to pull another rune and received the rune Riado (riding/Travel/Journey) pretty much exactly the same as the Voyage card! Only travel on horseback (land) rather than the Sea – this even more suggests either a change in the Ship of State and/or an evacuation or mass-movement of people.

Since the pattern has been showing up for so many days now (and hinted at even before the this second week of peculiar readings) I think the cards and runes may be warning/hinting at something building in the near future (the Ship is Sailing and the horses are ready, but we are not quite there yet) but not necessarily today or even next week.

But we should all be paying strong attention to the elements of Earth and Water (Land and Sea) especially the coastal areas for the near-term future.  I am getting hints that this may be an ongoing situation for a while, possibly followed one or more major events (we will know them when they happen).

Meanwhile, for a personal and individual reading, this is WONDERFUL energy! The Voyage creates an energy of movement, so does the Riado rune-stave; a great time for both physical and spiritual journeys! A great time to take care of yourself and to nurture others, a fantastic day for anyone in the travel industry, teaching, healing or working with young people/children.  A day when time may seem to race ahead of you at lightning speed.

Also a great day for both anything associated with the sea (sailing, fishing, etc) or horses (racing, trail rides, donkey cart rides etc) and probably extending to other pets and companion animals; especially those associated with travel.

This is a high energy, high action day, so hang on to your hats and try not to fall off, it is likely to be a windy and wild ride!