Card of the Day – Monday – October 15, 2012


Very late reading today as appointment ran later than expected, but this reading should give us some insights on how the energy from last week’s readings is now working on going forward.

First we have the card for friendship, three friends sit together in a pub while a fourth one enters from the left of the card.  We have no way of knowing if the fourth friend will simply be added into the existing knot of intimate friendship already there or disrupt it in some fashion.

Second we have the Perthro rune which is usually translated as Dice Cup or Fate.  It is similar to the Wheel of Fortune Card in a standard Tarot deck in that it suggests that the outcome is “in the hands of fate” or that “the situation is somewhat of a gamble/dicey.”  Many people, including me, associate this rune with the Trickster God Loki; who brings gifts to mankind but also tends to unsettle the established order when he does so.  As a friend he’s a natural-born comic, as an enemy he is full of nasty surprises and wicked tricks.

For a Current Events reading, it looks like some powerful friendships (or treaties) may be “hanging in the balance” and/or “waiting for the dice to be thrown.”

I’m feeling a Middle Eastern pull here, but there is probably more to it than that.  Some famous friendship/alliance in North America also feels affected by this reading; not sure whom exactly but be watching for it.

In general look for stories about friendships, enemies, treaties, alliances, peace-talks, unions and labor, big surprises, working-partnerships etc., etc..any or all of which may suddenly experience a sudden “change” of fortune or direction.

On a personal level, a really great card because true friends are what really make our lives work and give us true comfort.  However, the Dice Cup rune does suggest there may be some personal surprises in store here too.  This could be anything from the reappearance of someone you thought long gone from your life making a sudden and surprising return (for good or ill) to a sudden shift in the focus and make up of your circle of friends.  You may also experience a gift or wonderful surprise either from or for a friend during this period and seriously watch out for things that may not seem funny at the time, but in retrospect everyone will find very comical.

So, we seem to be moving a bit from Maternal/Nurturing energy provided from above by The Mother, to the more self-directed nurturing and mentoring we share equally with our friends.  As the child moves from Mother’s hand to that of the Peer Group for reassurance and validation; it seems the energies are fated to start moving in that direction as well.  The question is, will such a move help in growing up or just re-enforce the immaturity of youth?  That may be part of the Dice Cup whose throw has not yet been made.


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