Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Oct 12-14, 2012


Today I used a different set of Psy Cards, just to make sure the energies I was picking up were not somehow a result of either The Mother Card itself having slight damage (and my continuing to pick it up an accident) and/or had simply gotten psychically “stuck,” which can happen to decks when they are used repeatedly and get similar readings.

However, we can see from my use of a new psycard deck, that the energies not only haven’t changed much they are continuing to repeat to an astonishing degree!

There are 40 cards in the Psy Card deck and yet we have the Mother Card now FOUR DAYS IN A ROW!  The Cards/Universe is obviously still trying to tell us something very important and indicates that this powerful maternal, Mother Earth, Mother, energy is still the main energy focus of the current time period.

But lets look at some of the other cards for a moment…

Union: this is the “lovers” card in a regular Tarot Deck, it is the symbol of two perfect streams coming together to form one, with a goblet (loving cup) beside it (can also be Holy Grail).  In a private reading, this usually means a good personal relationship, romance, or sometimes self-integration.  In a wider context it can mean a Union of any two (or more forces) and has sometimes seemed to represent the European Union (and other Political Unions like The United States) in Current Events readings.

In its negative aspects, the Union card can suggest a failed union, failed quests or a union of negative forces.

The Moon:  A card which has also come up before this week, The Moon in this deck is also a representation of Female energy, but instead of being the material and nurturing aspect of the Mother; instead it is the deep, intuitive, hidden realm of dreams, vision and secrets.  It is also, the companion of Mother Earth, a smaller body that is her constant companion.  One whom controls the tides of sea (and probably land),  keeps Earth’s orbit stable and provide people with simple calendars from times so distant we can’t even fathom them.

In its positive aspects, the Moon represents: dreams, hopes visions and inspiration; also hidden knowledge revealed.

In its negative aspect the Moon represents: chaos, nightmares, tidal wave, earthquakes and madness (in the physical and the emotional/psychic realms).  Think of dark, hidden things coming out of the Sea (or terrible secrets hidden from the light or hidden agendas that are exposed).

Mother Card: Already pretty well explained the last few days, but to recap – can be Mothers, Maternal figures (including female politicians/public figures), Mother/Female identified countries/corporations/agencies (Mother Russia, La Italia, Mom’s Mexican Cafe etc) and of course Mother Earth Herself.

Eiwaz Rune: this rune, like the Union Card, finally provides us with a bit more focus.  We haven’t seen it a lot in recent readings, it usually translates as YEW TREE.  The Evergreen tree that has been planted in Grave Yards and associated with Death in Europe since very early times.  Long lived for centuries (sometimes a thousand years or more) never-changing color and growing tall and skyward; this tree was seen by ancient Europeans as the link between the living world and that of the dead.

The tree is highly toxic (bringing death if eaten) but also hope-bringing (still green even in the darkest and coldest of Winters).  Considered one of the most powerful and complex runes of the Futhark (runic alphabet) it contains hints of sacrifice (it may have been the tree that Odin hung himself on to learn the runes), need fire, protection and war (the making of bows and magical wands) but its primary focus is the intersection of This World, The Other World and the Worlds between aka Life, Death and Beyond.

Taken together we now get a reading still focused on the Mother (because that has been the theme for the entire week) but it goes something like:

The Union of Something (forces/Peoples/ideas?) has something hidden (or dreamed/visions) that affect the Mother – this situation is powerful enough to be a life or death situation. 

There are other ways to read this: The “Union” is “Mad” and The Mother is affected or The Union of the Moon and the Mother bring together the forces of Life and Death.

I rather like this last one, it is very “cosmic” like yesterday’s Earth Mother/Sky Father.  Unfortunately, while again a very powerful archetype, on a practical level it is very hard to read, in terms of actual meaning for Current Events or even practical applications for individuals.

At a guess, on a Current Events scale (since as always the main question is “What are the main Energy/Energies affecting the World/Western world for the next 48 to 72 hours”) this is telling us that a Union of some-sort is being affected by the Moon and the Mother/Female/Earth Mother energy.  It is very likely that hidden information about a situation may come forth, it is also possible that madness or actual natural disasters could occur that affect the world.

On a personal level, these cards while hard to read are much more positive (they could be for the world as well if the energies are focused properly, but after the previous week of readings I have my doubts on that score).

There is a wonderful energy of Union/Love/Wholeness that can be drawn on, The power of dreams, vision and understanding of the inner-self and all that wonderful nurturing/Mother energy.  This combines with some powerful forces that Unite this world with the Other World (also proper for the Season in the Celtic World view as we approach the end of October).

So a fantastic time for inner work, relationship (romantic and other unions), nurturing, families and above all contacting or respecting the ancestors (those Great Ones how have gone before). A perfect weekend for visiting and restoring old grave yards/family plots.

This may be the prefect time to dream or take a visionary question that contacts the Other World and bring back important information.  A wonderful time for meditations and trance journeys.

A time period to carefully watch events in the outer world, while enjoying the benefits and wonders of the inner world.  Both the inner-world of the family (Mothers) and the Other World (The Yew Tree).

OK, that is it for this week; stayed tuned for Monday’s reading, it will be interesting to see if events and energies have shifted by then.  Seldom have I seen a week so consistent in its energy patterns than this one!