Card of the Day – Thursday – October 11, 2012

Today’s card and rune stave, The Mother and Tiwaz (Justice/Tyr/Spear) is almost identical to Tuesday’s energy reading.  Long time readers of this blog will know that the repeated Mother Card three days in a row if very rare, the repeat of an identical Card and Rune-stave in that sequence is even rarer.  I can assure my readers that the card decks were shuffled a great deal before each reading and the card choice is not do to any obvious flaw in the cards (though tomorrow I will switch decks as I always do when these patterns start coming up).

Meanwhile, I do feel very strongly that this reading (especially with Tuesdays The Message Card added in) is the cards practically screaming at us that something needs attention called to it.

Like the other days, I really feel that there is more than one level to this card; although as the Mother Card keeps coming up, it is entirely possible that there is some major event about to come to pass that will be obvious with 20/20 hind sight to identify.  Meanwhile I can only go on the psychic “hints” I’m picking up…

Once again they point two directions: One is MOTHER EARTH in that MOTHER EARTH is about to have (or create) justice/karma/restitution and/or perhaps experience war.

The other pull that I still feel is towards Mother Russia; watch her and see what she is doing, not just what she is saying.  The current tensions between Syria, Russia and the Turks may be at play here, but it feels even deeper than that.

Finally all other female identified countries are to be watched including La Italia, La Espania (Italy and Spain) and other feminine identified organizations; even female politicians should not be ignored, especially if they are Mothers or have a “maternal” reputation.

The reversion from yesterday’s Daguz rune back to the Tiwaz rune is also a bit disturbing.  While usually meaning Justice, the rune is not really just justice and law as we think of in modern terms.  A friend of my husband who is a lawyer once said of this rune’s energy:

“The thing about Germanic (Viking) Age justice is that our ancestors didn’t see much difference between justice won in the law courts or on the battle field.” …BB

My feeling is increasingly like something is going on that must either be settled quickly by the non-violent means of treaties, law-cases, legislation etc; or time for that will run out and it may be settled by violent means, including a possible war.

As sometimes happens with an energy cycle this tight, repeated and strong; there may be something that comes totally out of the blue that I’m just missing because I simply am not going to recognize it before it hits.

Whatever is going on, it is something that is really powerful and likely to affect people in a deeply personal way.

The MOTHER, is the first person we learn to identify in our tiny lives as babies; it doesn’t matter if she is our birth mother or the mother who cares for us in her place; to the infant she is MOM.  The center of our world, the giver and with-holder of all things, the voice we know and recognize.  Fathers (and father figures) come a bit later, but Mother is there from the very start…something serious enough to come up three days in a row and call both for Justice for her and a New Beginning; evokes powerful archetypes and is not to be ignored.

Meanwhile, for individuals the nurturing, Mother center energy and activities continues.  A great day for starting projects, watching and caring for others, legal activities, lawyers, child-care workers, teachers and family activities.





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