Card of the Day – Wednesday – Oct 10, 2012

Sometimes the energies are really focused in one area for a longer period of time and this seems to be the case between yesterday and today.  While the focus card is the same, The Mother the rune stave has now turned to Daguz (Dawn, new beginning, New Day etc); which changes the energy focus somewhat.

Yesterday we had a rather stern Mother energy demanding justice or recompense either legally or even on the field of battle.  Today we have The Mother energy again, but this time hinting that things could turn around.  That it is possible that New Day could be dawning, probably depending on how the pleas for justice (or the Quest for Justice) is handled?

It is also possible that the energy from yesterday that could be referring to one or more Mother Identified countries could be coming into sharper focus as well.  In particular, while Russia felt very strong yesterday (and still does) I feel moved to note that the Goddess Athena was always the Patron of the City of Athens Greece, still the modern capital.

Athena’s Athens now has a rather large (and scary) group of people in her streets calling themselves the “Golden Dawn,” and I think this could be a signal that they may be on the rise there.  Athena herself was never much of a Mother-Goddess, so I would not normally make that connection, but the Daguz/Dawn rune does feel connected somehow.

In any case, in the wider-sense I suspect this reading simply continues yesterdays main energy topic of MOTHER EARTH trying to get her message across.  There is the potential for a New Dawn or a New Day in this current cycle.  What we don’t know is what it will be like and as I said before my guess is that, that will depend on what decisions were made and put into actions yesterday in terms of Justice and reparations towards the Earth Herself.

So, look for stories about Mothers, Female Signified countries/organizations, New Discoveries, New Ideas, New plans, New just about anything (or even things claiming to be new that really are not).

There may also be a change in the way someone/someone(s) is looking/thinking/acting towards Mothers/children/fertility in either positive or negative ways.

Like most energy forces the topics themselves are mostly neutral, it is what people choose to do with them that makes the difference.

For individuals, a really good energy day over-all; a great time for maternal inspired activities, working with children, starting new tasks, make new decisions, directing others, starting a family etc.

Mothering energy is mostly active, usually in a positive and creative way – so a good day to focus on active meditations such as walking, chopping wood, baking bread etc.

Be watchful of the news, because I think there is some darker sides of this energy out among the current events, but for individuals a day that can be both smooth and rewarding, provided Mom is happy with what this new day brings.

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