Card of the Day – Tuesday – October 9, 2012

Today’s cards were stuck together and came out as The Message and Mother; the rune stave is Tiwaz (Tyr/Justice/Spear/Sky Father).

The message card almost always simply magnifies the cards before and after it – in this case: THE MESSAGE IS THE MOTHER comes out loud and clear.

What we don’t know for certain is exactly what that message refers to directly and as always in an energy reading, it may be more than one subject that is affected.

First off we have Mothers and actual motherhood that may be affected by something and or the Earth Herself as MOTHER EARTH is a common enough theme.  In either case this may be somewhat of a warning since the Tiwaz rune while it is usually translated Justice is not always the Justice of the lay courts but also the justice of the Battle Field.  It is the putting back right something which is wrong using both sharp words and sharp spears when required.

I feel a sense of “Mother Earth (and Mothers) call for Justice/Making right” here that could be seriously uncomfortable for anyone She/They view as responsible for the wrongs in question.

It has also been observed in past readings here that The Mother card can also refer directly to Nations/Tribes/Peoples with a Mother identification such as Mother Russia, Britannia, California (named for the Goddess Califia), Maria Calendar’s Pies etc., etc..

There are also hints of that here, especially I am drawn to Russia and the Middle East as possible issues today.  Tiwaz (as the God Tyr) has an older aspect that seems distantly connected to the Indo-European idea of a “Sky-Father” (think Zeus).  That loose connection sometimes draws me towards the Middle East (as well as the Great Planes of the Russians Steps)and I am feeling hint of that here.

Also, there is the obvious: Earth-Mother/Sky Father demand justice to contend with.

So a fairly simple reading on some levels, but rather complex on others; at least in terms of current events.

As individuals, this is a great day to tune into any sort of Maternal energy, creativity work, nurturing projects etc; also a good day for anyone in the legal professions and the signing of contracts (especially those affecting the family).


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