Card of the Day – Monday – October 8, 2012

Today’s Card is The Moon and the rune-stave is Thurisaz (Giants/Thorn/Great forces).

The Moon tends to indicate things coming up from the depths both of the unconscious and the physical world as well.  When lunar energy is strong, this can also be a time of great visions, dreams and even madness.

The Thurisaz rune stave is usually translated as “Thurs” or “Giant” but is also associated with Thorn’s, pricking and even the male genitalia.  Giants (or Etins) in the Norse can be anything from certain Divine Beings (such as Loki) to the Powers of the Wild Places, such as mountains, volcanoes, forests, etc.  Some Giants are friendly towards people, many are neutral (they are just beyond human understanding and vs versa) and a few are downright enemies of both men and Gods.  There is a lot of cross-over in the Norse between Gods and Etins, you can’t always be sure exactly whom is meant when the term first comes up.

However, the Moon combined with the Thurisaz/Thorn rune, suggests things coming up that will “prick” people into becoming aware of things below the surface.  On another level, this is the prefect combination for trigger events of all sorts, including volcanoes and earthquakes both in the physical as well as the spiritual and geopolitical worlds.

So a day to watch for more hidden agendas coming up, more “trigger points” that seem to set things off; actual earthquakes and volcanoes either erupting or just being written about.

Also watch out for behaviors that appear to be “Mad/Lunacy” because of people/nations/powers going “over the edge” into “lunacy” by “trigger” events over the next few days.

Meanwhile, individuals can use this energy to draw upon the powers of their dreams, to search out and to understand information that is just below the surface.  A great day to meditate or visit the “Great Powers” of the Earth and Sky.  A great evening to spend with a telescope, performing divination or even playing darts.

An inward focused day energy wise, but one that could suddenly break out and stab holes in the current reality if the right conditions occur.

So a day to be creative and dreamy; but also to stay aware of what is going on outside yourself.

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