Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Oct 5-7, 2012

This weekend‘s Cards are all mostly positive, although the rune-stave Isa (Ice/frozen) dampens them a bit, especially on a current-events scale.

Friendship – this card indicates close friendships, the sort where people are literally in and out of each other’s pockets.  There is a 4th friend in the card, whom we only see by the cup and hand in the left hand corner, this person is a new element that may enhance or disrupt things, but no one knows what will happen until they join the group.

The Skills – A bow and quiver full of arrows, ready to be picked up and used by those who have the skill to do so.  This card symbolizes the skills we already have and those we need to learn in order to perform physical, mental and spiritual tasks.

The Stars – in this deck the Stars represent the coming together of seemingly random dots (the stars) to make a pattern (constellation).  They also are indicators of Great Dreams (as in “reaching for the stars,”) that may exist for something that hasn’t quite manifested into reality yet.  The connections are there, the raw materials are there, but the vision is still in the sky and has not yet been totally replicated on the ground.  Stars can also mean literally stars and space as well.

Together, the cards show several possible messages mostly along the lines of:

Friendship is the Skill needed to manifest the Vision/Dream

Friendship and Skill is needed to “reach” for The Stars
(this could be literal as in Space Program, or figuratively as in a shared dream such as the EU, an Election Campaign, a New Economic System, Increased Employment, Peace Treaties etc).

The problem is our rune-stave:

Isa (Ice/Frozen) – this run sort of takes a fairly positive – using the skills of friendship we can reach a shared goal – to a rather darker or at least more frustrating message of:

Both Friendship and the Skills needed to make certain connections and/or a dream reality are current being put ON ICE/Frozen/stagnant/un-moving/stuck. 

So while the cards show there are energies out there for real friendship and resolution of problems this weekend, the RUNIC energy suggests that these things will face severe blockages or may just freeze up altogether.

Again, Isa can simply mean actual ice, so this could even be as simple as an early snow or ice storm shutting down an important conference somewhere.  If this does happen, I don’t think it will be the total message of the cards, but it would be a perfect outward expression of them.

While worrying on a macro-level, for individuals a mostly positive weekend to start out with.  Again, all the potentials are there for good times with friends, working on skills and hobbies or even planning great dreams for the future.

However, that same tendency to bog down, freeze up or get stuck is going to be there for everyone.  So, if things seem to just stop in one direction, don’t push if you don’t have to, just move on to another situation or project.

Go ahead and make plans for this weekend, but be ready for sudden roadblocks or even some-folks in your family and friends having personal relationships/skills issues.

Until the Isa energy Ice Melts, things are likely to be somewhat stop and start; so when this happens try not to get too frustrated but just concentrate on what you can control and let the other stuff lie gently in the background until the thaw starts and things are moving freely again.

Over all not a bad weekend, but a possibly frustrating one at least in some areas of life, especially those dealing with close friends and family.