Card of the Day – Wednesday – Oct 3, 2012

Today’s Card is Fortune and the rune-stave is Laguz (Lake/Water/Hidden/Floods)

Together they suggest that the most important current events energies will be centered around Great Fortunes being effected by things that are either “under-water” or just “below the surface.”  “Flooding” the “Markets” may also be an issue.  It is highly likely that yesterday’s Destructive/Destruction/Decision is having a direct impact on this card and rune-stave.  We may not yet be totally certain as to what that destructive decision was (it may still be “just below the surface”) but it will have an impact.  The image of the “flooding of money” is also coming to mind, which has been on-going for sometime now, but may be about to hit a tipping point where real fortunes are affected.

The Laguz rune, can also be similar to the Moon Card in a Standard Tarot Deck; they are not the same, but both are watery symbols and hold hidden secrets that may be revealed in dreams and visions.  So it is quite possible that major revelations may occur today or tomorrow that affect the fortunes of others – both those with money/power/position and the “fortunes” of War/”Fortunes of Peace” as well.

So look for stories about hidden wealth, great fortunes won and lost, hidden information, sudden revelations especially about currencies/money/economies/corporations etc.  Even silly stories about the antics of the rich and powerful (or their children) that may serve as a distraction from the real news of the day.

For individuals, remember that “seeking fortune” is a spiritual as well as a physical card.  While there is nothing wrong with wanting to have financial security, the real “treasure” at the top of the Fortune Card is made of other things not found in this material world.  The Laguz rune with its associations with the deep waters of the human consciousness also hint at spiritual and psychic discoveries to be made.

In addition to being a very good day to continue work on those finances and making plans for the future; this is a great day for spiritual quests, meditation, dreams, visions and out-of-body work.  A great week to start a dream journal to see what messages your dreams may have to guide you.

A pretty powerful and great energies for individuals; but not so great on a current events scale given the previous readings for the last two weeks or so.

Note: there may not be a reading tomorrow as I will be out-of-town, but hopefully things will be back on track for Friday with a full weekend reading before the end of the day.