Card of the Day – Tuesday – Sept 25, 2012

Today’s Card is The Home and the rune of the day is Laguz (Lake/Water).

Together they suggest a day when home concerns are going to be most important with a lot of hidden things going on “just beneath the service” that everyone needs to pay attention to.

On a world/western world current events level, this combination suggests there may be stories about homes, “under-water homes,” actually flooding (with water rather than just debts), lakes, oceans, rivers and other bodies of water.  This may also be a day when the events in the outer world suddenly “come up from the deep” and “hit home” to people on a real and basic level.

It is also interesting to see the progression over the last few days from “ice, to need fire, to melted water” which also suggests the energy is starting to move more freely again.

While today is an “inward focused” day centering on home and hearth, it is not an inactive day because water can be either moving or still.  This is a good day to take an active role in securing and maintaining your home and hearth (aka family as well as physical house).  Pay attention to things that you may just be barely aware of, if something is bothering you, don’t brush it off but look at it clearly to decide if it needs sorting out or not.

This is a great day for meditations, spiritual journeys, reading, studying,  having dinner and movie night at home, water-based activities (swimming, fishing etc) and all sorts of close family bonding.

Over-all a pretty good day energy-wise, but a day with hidden currents to be watching out for, pretty much on all levels personal and the outer-world.


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