Card of the Day – Weekend Edition Sept 21 – 23, 2012

This weekend’s cards are: The Inquirer, Union and The Tree; while the rune stave is once again Isa (Ice/Frozen/Stuck).

As I do sometimes, I’m going to reverse the reading order and do the basic energy and how it affects individuals first, rather than starting out with the current events reading.  I usually do this when the energies are mostly positive for individuals but more complicated on the current events level and this appears to be true for this weekend.

The first card The Inquirer is the client in a personal reading, for individuals it means pretty much “you” plural aka the Readers of the blog.  The Union card represents the coming together of two lovely streams, it is often the card for Romance in this deck and/or simply the Union of two things that work well together.  The Tree, is about putting down roots and establishing things, getting them started in such a way that they grow and thrive.

The rune-stave Isa is the only fly in the ointment and even it isn’t all bad, it simply continuesWednesday’s rather “stuck/frozen” energy pattern and when read along with yesterday’s  rune for partnerships (Manaaz) and today’s Union Card – I think Isa just suggests that certain relationships may seem frozen or “on ice” rather than moving forward as quickly as one would like.  I don’t think the Isa rune means that they are totally frozen solid, just that things may not be as fluid as the “Union Card” streams would otherwise suggest.

A personal example, today the Washing machine refused to drain, while it seems likely only one screw needs to be removed, it has become so rusted and damaged I have had to call a repair man to “un-freeze” it.  Once that is done, hopefully the water will flow out again just as it should.  This weekend may have a few rusted screws in it, but overall the energies are long-term fairly positive for individuals.

I think things are a bit more complicated on the current events level, again combining with the readings over the past two days, I think this signals that something is still very stuck/frozen energy-wise.  This may refer to the European Union or something else that is trying to “put down roots” and “grow as both a union and a strong tree.  However, whatever this is (and it could be several things, the EU, the Middle East, an understanding on legislation in the US congress etc, etc) it probably isn’t going to totally come together this weekend.

The energy is just frozen/stuck/unmoving…Ice Over would be another way of putting it.

Not a good weekend for contracts or negotiations, a good time to enjoy early snow but also there is the energy out there for large ice storms and other disruptive behavior of the sort that brings everything to a “halt.”

Look for stories about ice, ice ages, flooding, struggles, unions, forests, the EU, treaties (and bogged down negotiations), things starting off moving that get stuck etc..

Over-all a pretty good weekend for individuals but a stubbornly frozen one for current events – while big changes and news are always possible, the energies of the weekend suggests more of a time when things seem to hardly move at all.