Card of the Day – Wenesday – Sept 19, 2012

Today’s card is the Sun (The Sun/light dawning/harvest/nuclear/fire) and the rune of the day is Isa (Ice/frozen).

So we have a very primal message of “fire and ice” suggesting powerful conflicts and/or a stalemate followed by a slow melting of a situation.  It also suggests that as long as something is “frozen” there may not be movement in the Solar situation, whatever it may happen to be.

The appearance of the sun card on its own, suggests a good day for media stories about solar flares, solar power, harvests and even nuclear issues (from nuclear power to bombs). There may also be stories of previously hidden information coming “into  the full light of day.”

New news developments about the situation surrounding Fukushima is also highly likely today or tomorrow.

The Isa rune suggests there may also be stories about things being stuck, frozen or simply not seeming to go anywhere.  There might also be stories of melting, run off and flooding as the Sun “melts” something that was previously frozen.

There is also some hints of volcanoes and other earth disruptions in the fire and ice portion of the reading.

For individuals, a relatively good day but one where some things may seem to get started only to stall out again before they finish.  So, do what you can, when you can but don’t fight too hard if something seems “frozen,” if possible give the sun a bit more time to melt it down and then try again.

A great day for walks, gardening, eating ice cream or even enjoying an early snow fall…


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