Card of the Day – Tuesday – Sept 18, 2012

Today’s card is The Warrior (a soldier, defense position, war, struggle) and the rune is Gebo (gift, marriage, exchange).

This is a slightly worrying combination in a world/western world current event reading, especially given the events of the past week or two (and the readings here as well).

The “good reading” of this would that the warrior (or war) is prevented or delayed by the (gift/marriage/exchange) of something both parties want.  So there is energy there for a compromise if the parties involved wish to take it.

On the other hand, Gebo is also another rune of “sacrifice” (are we seeing a theme here, just read last weeks later posts) in this case the “gift given to the gods.”  It was also a rune used in connection with an “exchange” or “taking” of hostages; something that was also common in the Migration and Viking ages.  Sometimes hostages were exchanged directly and peacefully, other times they might be taken by one warlord to insure the required behavior of another.  In the first case the actions are mutual, in the second it is that of a victor wanting to make sure the vanquished stay quiet.

In any case there are strong hints of “hostages of war” or “hostages used for exchange” in this reading.  In the first situation the reading may be as much about “everyone” being a sort of hostage to the current events going on (as in we can’t change them and they are happening anyway) but the second version could hint either at a hostage situation yet to happen or perhaps (we can hope) and exchange of existing hostages (or prisoners) that results in a delay or resolution of some of the hostilities (even if the reprieve is temporary).

The Warrior on the Card is ready to fight, but he is actively defending his side’s encampment and has not yet raised his sword.  That suggests both defensive war fair and along with Gebo rune hopefully encourages the energy for an exchange of gifts.  Sadly it also provides the energy for other forms of exchange (warfare can be seen as a form of exchange) if the more peaceful forms are ignored.

There are also elements of “fehu” (wealth) associated with the Gebo rune, so there is a hint that money/wealth/gold may also be playing a role in these exchanges (even currency exchange itself).

I don’t even want to think about the other possible reading of this which is pretty much “The Warrior’s Gift aka War itself” is also likely; but I feel I have to mention it anyway.  Hopefully that is a possibility that will not be chosen during this next 24 to 48 hour time period.

For individuals, actually a REALLY GOOD day, as the warrior card can also refer to a person’s inner strength, both spiritual and material.  It means a good day for working on tasks that help protect yourself, your family, you health and even your job or vacation time.  A good day to review what you’ve been doing and make a list of what to do next (on all levels, even the fun stuff).

An especially good day if you work in the defense, security or military related industries.

A great day for a wedding, partnership, signing a contract, visiting friends, exchanging gifts, birthdays, anniversary parties etc.

A day for powerful mediations and a fantastic day to do a house-warding or other protective spiritual work.

So another one of those time periods that has a lot of confusing and potentially dangerous elements in terms of current events, but over-all pretty positive for the majority of people who will not be directly affected by the macro events that may be in the offing.