Card of the Day – Monday – Sept 17, 2012

Today’s card is The Fool (starting over, innocence, A foolish action) and the rune of the day is Tiwaz (Justice/Tribal law).

This is a very interesting combination for a current events reading, especially right now – because it suggests that something new may be starting to take place  and/or some parties in a situation are so busy making their own “music” that they can’t see they may be about to walk over a cliff.  While this card does not always represented a “foolish action” sometimes it does mean that someone(s) is either “played the fool” and/or is simply too innocent or unaware to realize that a particular path is a bad idea.

The Fool in and of itself, it not a bad card, representing as it does the start of one personal (or collective) spiritual journey and everyone starts out with hearts full of hope, great ideas and total ignorance of what may be about to take place.  That’s natural, that’s why the Fool is usually shown as a young man, going on his first journey, playing a pipe and simply not paying attention.  He isn’t bad, he is not evil, he isn’t even unintelligent but what he is, is naive about what is going on around him or ahead of him on the path.  He may march forward with the luck of the innocent and do just fine, or he may walk directly into the nearest tree and never see it coming.

I believe this card is telling us that all signs point to something new and unexpected coming up on the current events seen and it may have to do with either law or tribal justice.

That’s because the Tyr rune (which is shaped like a spear with obvious war-like associations) represents the God Tyr who main aspects is law, but it is more law without the tempering of mercy (aka judgment).  It is also TRIBAL law, rather than bookish law; the goal being to “make things right” rather than just punishing evil deeds.  For example, in the Viking Age, killing someone was perfectly legal provided you announced to everyone that you had done so and offered to pay the appropriate “worth” of the person to their family.  If the family accepted this “buy out” then everything was fine, if not they might declare war on your family and kin; either outcome might be considered an aspect of “Tyr” type of justice.

For the Middle East, Tyr also has an interesting older aspect as being associated with the ancient “Sky Father” God whose name has been lost in the midst of time but is found all over Western-Asia and parts of Europe (and the Middle East).  I am in no way suggesting that he is the same being as either version of the Creator claimed by the main actors in the Middle Eastern part of the world, but Try is about the closest you can get in a Norse/Germanic Pantheon if that is what the runes want to talk about it.

In that context you almost get a reading of “Fools ‘for’ God/God’s Laws/God’s Justice” however one defines the idea of God/Gods Creator.

Some might suggest that “Holy Wars” are almost always “Foolish” in nature and I think there are hints of that here in this reading.

Still the Fool Card suggests some new aspect or angle on this topic, rather than simply a rehash of what has gone on for at least a thousand years.  Either that or someone is being played The Fool and will be caught up in a situation of Tyr style “justice” no matter how innocent they may have been about the facts on the ground.

So look for new developments (including things happening in other parts of the world than where the major focus is), stories about people being duped, stories about new projects, stories about the law and lawyers, stories about justice (or lack of it) and stories about new directions and even scientific breakthroughs.

Change from the previous pattern or a “new twist” on an old one is the main energy of the day.  That goes for individuals too – a great day to start new projects, but also a good day to pay attention to the accepted rules of social behavior.  This is NOT a good day for taking risks, especially with anything legal like breaking the speed limit; the long spear of Tyr is likely to show up in his modern avatar in a car topped by flashing lights and a blaring siren.

But over-all a good day for the average person, provided your careful and watch where  you step.