Card of the Day – Wednesday – Sept 12, 2012

Today’s Card is Destruction and the Rune-Stave is Wunjo (Joy/Clan Banner/Battle Flag)…

This is very interesting in light of yesterday’s reading and some of the events that happened last night in the Middle East.  If reports are true that the American Embassy was only guarded by local troops, it may suggest that the “distractions” of politics and focusing on other issues/enemies/situations in other countries and the hubris of believing everything was “sorted out” may have led to the US Administration ignoring the obvious “snake in the grass” (armed foreign forces hostile to the US/West still posing a danger inside of Libya and/or Egypt/Middle East).

Please go back and at least look at yesterday’s card and rune, because while I focused on 9/11, the Ansuz “rune of Odin/communication/sacrifice” also fits the death of the US ambassador and his staff.  Especially if the reports are true that the ambassador “sacrificed” himself by rushing to the embassy to try to remove the employees that were in danger.

Yesterday’s Card suggests that his sacrifice while powerful and important was made necessary by the inattention and distractions of his superiors who were just too busy elsewhere and had decided that everything was “just fine.”

Which leads us today’s current events/western world reading….

The Card Destruction is pretty obvious, it portrays a castle being taking over and destroyed in battle.  At the front of the card a priest is dead or dying holding a Christian holy book, this suggests an element of religion may be involved in the battle or at least the invaders are so driving by battle lust that they will even kill religious figures.  Given the events of yesterday, both in Egypt and Libya I am reading this as religion as part of the conflict.

I also suspect that in Egypt the Coptic Christians are likely to be a target “of destruction” from the forces of violence, because they are now associated with the film in question (of course this is just an excuse only two members of that community had anything to do with the film the protesters find offensive, but the some radical elements in Egypt (possibly in the new government) have wanted an excuse to go after that community for a while). I think this card is a warning, that they may now have just such an excuse…

Then, even though many in the US/West are not actually practitioners of the Christian Faith; historically they are associated with it and have been connected to the “Crusaders” of the Middle Ages by both sides in the current Middle Eastern Conflict at one time or another.  Therefore the card echoes the battle and the attack target includes “The Priest” (aka The West).

Finally, the rune stave Wunjo, is usually translated joy; but it can be joy with a Viking Twist – it can also mean “Clan Banner” (Joy in the clan/family) or Battle Flag.  If my reading of the card is correct, it is pretty obvious what the rune-stave is implying for this reading.

The “Joy of Battle” or “Rejoicing in Destruction” is pretty clear in this reading…

This is a day when the potential for world events to get very dicey is stronger than it has been in months.  The War/Battle energies have taken a back step recently but here they are in both card and rune.

The “best” outcome would be simply that the world becomes focused on this issue, that some “rejoice” in the destruction while others mourn their dead and take stock of the situation.  The worst could be an all out break out of war, which is possible but I think unlikely, at least today.  On the other hand, this could be the unexpected trigger that starts to “bring things to a boil” but we won’t know for certain yet until a bit more time has passed. 

While yesterday was more “historic” by the human calendar, today my single a great tipping point (when things could go either way) for the near future.

Finally, for individuals, as always they can choose to use today’s energy in creative and useful ways.  A good day to focus on the Joy of Creative Destruction, getting rid of things, habits and ideas you no longer need.  A great day for pulling weeds, cleaning house, office paper shredding etc. 

Also focus on the Joy of the Clan banner (your family and close friends) rather than the Joy of Battle.  Don’t turn away from the International News but don’t dwell on it either.  Be alert, be aware, but stay calm and you can avoid the nastier aspects of the Destruction card in your own life.