Card of the Day – Tuesday – Sept 11, 2012

Today’s Card is The Libido (Sexuality/Life Force/Reproduction/Creativity) and the rune of the day of Ansuz (God/Odin/Wisdom/Communications).

This is a very interesting combination for today, especially given the importance of this Date in Western (especially North American) history.

While the Libido Card most often represents sexuality (in all its expressions) and reproduction; it is also about life force and creativity.  That which “turns the world gray” when we are depressed but “gives the world color” when we are not.  It is a fantastic card for artists and other creative people, because there is such a strong link in human beings between the sexual urge and the expression of the arts (there are theories that art is sexual energy re-routed into other forms of creativity and I’m not going to argue against that one).

However, the snake in the garden on this card, also sends us a warning; the warning is like the Peacocks trying to attract the attentions of the Peahen (who is off stage but obviously there) we might become so busy with our displays and creations that we ignore danger until it is too late.  The lovely landscape on this card holds life but also the potential for almost hidden death.

The Ansuz rune is a very complex one, while it can be argued that all the runes of the Futhark are complex, some have always felt a bit more direct in their meanings than others.  One of the most difficult to decipher in my experience is Ansuz which is loosely translated as God or God of the Ancestors, and is often associated with Odin/Wotan who has aspects of creativity, inspiration, poetry and communications among his other (darker/warrior/sacrificial) aspects.

Odin is said to have learned the runes by “sacrificing” himself and hanging on a tree for nine days and nine nights after which he brought the knowledge of the runes back to mankind.  While parallels to other religions are obvious; in Odin’s case the sacrifice is to learn the runic secrets in another story he sacrifices one of his eyes to gain wisdom.

In addition to all of this, the Romans associated Odin/Wotan with their God Mercury because of his role in communications and messages.

I find it very interesting that today of all days we have this combination of Life Force/Creativity/Death/Sacrifice/Message.

While the incident in New York is now fading from public memory, the way that all historical events, no matter how tragic are prone to do; it does not surprise me that these feelings are echoed in a world/western World current events reading as being the MOST Prominent energies of the current 24 to 48 hours.  Millions of people are still thinking and reflecting on these events and thousands are still experiencing the direct effect on their lives from direct exposure of themselves or their loved-ones.

I think today’s message is that Life and Death are inter-woven and that as Odin/Wotan experienced, there no wisdom without sacrifice.  Creativity and birth can still flourish in the presence of death, but should not be used as an escape to ignore a clear and present danger.

In personal terms today can be a day both for deep meditations and artistic skills, a good day for holding your loved ones close and family memories.  It includes creating new chapters life chapters and even creating new people (sexuality/life force) and also a fantastic time for communicating messages that may have been difficult during the more muddled energies of the last few weeks.

It will be interesting to see if this pause in the active/bursting/building energies of the past few days continues onward from today, or if today is a “pause” in the over-all pattern caused by so many millions of souls focusing on one event, eleven years ago today…

Only time will tell, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s card of the day…

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