Card of the Day – Monday – Sept 10, 2012

Today’s card is The Sun and the rune of the day is Kenaz (Fire Torch/boil) which is a combination that suggests possible solar flares if I ever saw one!

Because this is an energy reading, it does not mean a solar flare will happen in the next 24 to 48 hours but it makes it a lot more likely than not.

To break this down, the Sun card can represent the Sun itself and things associated with the Sun.  That can include both Spring time and Harvest, Summer itself, Light being shed on something, a situation improving (the Sun comes out) and even nuclear issues (power, fusion, fission and even bombs).

So other things to look for today are stories about the harvests/commodities, Seasons and Seasonal/unseasonable weather, nuclear issues (Japan/nuclear-power/bombs), solar power (and related subjects and even possibly “hot” geological issues such as volcanoes or earthquakes.

Especially important may be stories about things “coming to a head,” “boiling over” or “being lit up” or “set off like a torch/match.”  The reason for that is the Kenaz rune which is translated either torch or boil and as a sideways’ V, I tend to think of it as the volcano card as it has a sense of “eruption” about it.  Because it is also associated with fire and torches, it is especially powerful and even a bit concerning when twined with the fires of the sun itself.

Of course torches are also highly positive, they lit the darkness from mankind’s earliest days and allowed us to carry the miracle of fire with us when we traveled.  In a way, a torch is like a “mini-sun” that helps create day out of night.  In this sense it is highly positive and suggests that a controlled use of fire may be a major way to hold back the darkness.  But if it erupts into something more dangerous, it may be best to stand back and get out-of-the-way…

So as a current events reading, I think this is a heads up on solar, geological and nuclear watchful and keep your torch lit to see what is really going on.

For a personal reading, I tend to take the brighter side; this energy suggests a well-lit day full of potentials and activity.  A day when you can “light a fire” under yourself and your friends to get things done and a day when laughter can erupt if you let it.  Just remember the potential is there for other sorts of spill-overs and unexpected emotions or situations suddenly coming to the surface.  When and if they do, the light of the Sun can help explain and deal with them.

A VERY active day energy wise from both Card and Rune; a good day for active forms of meditation like running, dancing, swimming or yoga.  A fire day when blinding flashes of insight are possible, so be open to the messages of the universe.

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