Card of the Day – Thursday Sept 6, 2012

Today’s card is the Body (Health, The Human Body, The Physical World) and the rune stave is Gebo (Gift/marriage/partnerships).

We have not seen the body card in a while and while friends in a forum I read on tend to call this “The Creepy Card,” my husband the medical student wonders why because it simply shows an old-fashioned style of medical illustration to show the blood and muscles that lie beneath the surface of all human beings.

In this sense, this card tells us to not only accept what we see on the outsides of people (and situations, especially in the material world) but to always remember that we are composed of many deep and hidden wonders that must all function together smoothly for a person (or situation) to be truly healthy.

If something does go wrong beneath the surface, it can be very difficult to tell as long as the outside continues to look normal and healthy.  Of course, if everything actually is healthy then the outside of a person or situation will reflect that as well; just as when something goes wrong, eventually what is unhappy inside will appear outside though in some cases it may not be obvious until the body totally collapses or even dies.

The rune stave Gebo, tends to be one of the happier and celebratory runes in the Futhark (runic alphabet).  It literally means gift or marriage,  and is still the word used for marriage in some of the Northern European languages.

If I were reading for a private client and got this combination of The Body and Gebo I would be happy to report to that Client that is likely they would experience the Gift of Physical Well Being for the coming time period and/or they might also except a strong relationship or partnership to play a prominent role in their lives.

There are elements of that in this macro-current events reading too; today is a day when good things “gifts” can happen on an international scale and in the physical world

Look for stories about amazing medical advances; medical studies that shine light on previously incurable conditions, amazing stories of personal recovery from illness and/or spiritual lessons learned (even from the dying) etc.

However, the hidden aspects of this card, the below the surface questions of health and wellness are “pulling” me for the major part of the current events reading.  For while there is a positive side to this energy, I am really feeling that what this card rune combination is suggesting today is:

“Don’t accept the ‘health’ of the world/western world situation as face value, you must also look below the surface to see the true situation.  Those with the “gift” of sight may see truly today, but beware of “gifts/partnerships/marriages” that may not all be what they first appear to be.”

On the lighter side, other stories to look for in the news will be stories about celebrity marriages (and divorces), the wedding industry, divorce lawyers, gift-exchanges, bartering clubs, early “Christmas” sales and the charity/giving industry.

For individuals a very good day over all both for the pleasures of giving (personal and professional) weddings, healthy relationships, serious romance and even doctor’s check ups.

This is a very physical world/active day, so as usual for these sorts of energies, meditations are best performed in a more active way such as rambling walks in nature, chanting a mantra and performing Yoga or dance techniques.  Not such a good day for serious shamanic or astral journeys but a good day to muse on the “marriage” of the physical and spiritual words and the “gifts” of both.

In general a day to get out and celebrate the wonders of the human body in all its aspects.

Enjoy and care for you current bod today, it is wonderfully designed and intended for long term use!