Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Aug 31 – Sept 2, 2012

Well, since I missed yesterday’s reading, I suppose it is in sync with the Universe that 5 cards fell out of the deck stuck together today.  Since this is a weekend long reading anyway, I decided to read them together, along with the usual rune-stave.

The cards are:

The Skills – the skills needed to perform a task, can also be learning skills

The Liar – something is false, not as it seems, a distraction

Union – the Lovers card, can be the union of two streams, sometimes the EU

The Libido – sexuality, life-force, fertility

Never – means something is unlikely, will seem to never happen or a negative message

The rune-stave is:

Rhido – Riding, travel or journey (physical, personal or spiritual)

If I were reading these for a private client in a relationship reading I’d be trying to figure out how to give the person the bad news that their relationship was likely to be in trouble.

Since this is a current events reading, it is more likely that a macro-relationship is somehow in trouble.  The problem is, we are not certain which one though the Union cards hints partly at the EU and also at other tight alliances. 

They suggest that there is something of a “lie” about the idea that there is already on-hand the skills to solve whatever the problem/situation is.  In other words things look/seem under control but they actually are not (or are at least in trouble in some fashion).

While the Union Card suggests it may be the  EU that is in trouble, the Libido card (sexuality and life force) also sends my mind back over to Japan (and other areas like the Gulf Coast of the US) where the threat/lies/issues around human reproduction may still be held in the balance.

The Union could even be that between a man and a women who wish to create children together, that is under threat in some way.

It is possible the energy cards are really flagging something totally different, but this threat to human fertility/reproduction keeps coming up in the cards.

The Never Card is disturbing, for while it does not literally mean that something will never happen, it suggests that something is stalled, stuck or very difficult to the point of seeming unsolvable.

Finally we have the rune for travel/riding which could also indicate journeys and travel are somehow affected by these situations.  If the cards are keying on the Gulf Coast, that is pretty obvious already but since energy readings can flag more than one issue, I suspect that is not the total meaning of this rune.

For individuals a mixed weekend;  one where romance may seem to flame up and then die down, where learning new tasks may seem an uphill battle, where things seem to take forever to get done and some tasks simply remain unfinished.  Travel may be in the air, but allow extra time at the airport.

Above all be very cautious about entering into new romantic entanglements this weekend; make sure the person you meet really is who they present themselves to be as there is a lot of mixed energy running around on that subject.

Hopefully things will continue to resolve into place over the weekend and we will have a clearer and fresher start to the new week and new month on Monday.