Card of the day – Wednesday – August 29, 2012

Todays’ card is the Prison (Trapped/Prison) and the rune stave is Ingwaz (Ing/Frey/Harvest)

When this reading is combined with yesterday’s card and rune, you get an even deeper sense that the world/western world is about to be “trapped/in prison” over issues dealing with the Harvest/food supplies/reaping of what was sewn politically etc.

I think this reflects both the harvest of actual food stuffs (which we know are in peril all over the place this year) but also the results of political/economic decisions which were made (or were ignored) coming to full “harvest” of their results.

I’m really getting a strong sense of (and have before) that “refusing to make a decision is making a decision” and I think this probably applies to some of the economic problems both in North America and Europe.

Once again, I also don’t think this card/rune combination is just for today but is pointing instead to an over-all feeling of being trapped by circumstances as we move into the Fall/Winter Season (in the North).

The other thing to point out is that Ingwaz is not only the rune of the harvest it is also associated with Fro Ing or the God Freyr (who are usually considered the same cosmological being).  Freyr is a divine twin, his sister is Freya lady of love, beauty, magic and war; while Freyr himself is associated with harvests, cycles, Kings, and defensive warfare.  While Freya chooses half the slain warriors for her hall, Freyr gives up his sword to win the heart of the women (giantess) that he loves, but then fights on with a stag’s antler at the last battle (Ragnarök).

One of Freyr’s main symbols in the Viking Age was a large horse phallus wrapped in linen and leeks (for preservation).  Not to mention that his surviving statues show him depicted in full…er..a..male display (much to the amusement of tourists visiting Sweden and see depictions of his hanging from the walls of the National Museum lol).

Getting over the giggles, we see a mix of harvest and fertility symbols in this rune and given the readings in the past where the fertility issue keeps coming back (or a seeming threat to human fertility) I felt I needed to add this in.

My guess is that something about the trap, may not only endanger the harvest (or at least influence issues around the harvest) but also be a piece of the human fertility puzzle.  Looking at GMO foods and other types of harvest “contamination” (radiation for example) might also be a good idea at this point in time.

Meanwhile today look for stories about jails, prisons, trials, lawyers, entrapment, stalled negotiations as well as continued stories about harvests, fertility issues, sexuality and royalty.  On this last one, more pictures or stories about Prince Harry would fit right in with today’s energy markers.

Finally, for individuals a day when things may feel stuck, especially around romance and sexuality.  Other projects may become bogged down or stalled as well, gardening in particular may be more difficult than it was earlier in the week and it is a good time to pay close attention to health and wellness.

When things get very frustrating today (which for a lot of people they probably will given the energies) just remember, “it isn’t me, it is the energy of the day.”  That nasty feeling of being stuck/in jail is likely to pass over in the next 24 hours or so, as this sort of energy rarely sticks around for long.

Over-all an inward focused day, just do what needs doing and if stopped from going one direction, just pick up and try to flow off in another one.  Not a good day to push things that are refusing to budge, better to find another way around a rock that is blocking you.