Card of the Day – Tuesday – August 28, 2012

Today’s card is NOW (something happening now, Harvests, Summer, Wheat) and Nautiz (need fire/desperation).

Together, for a world-wide/western world energy ready they suggest that today the energies of “need/necessity” are very strong and that Now is when this situation is likely to come to the public notice.

The Now Card, also has Harvest imagery on it, with the farmer tying up the Fall grain into neat bundles while the last Summer sunshine is warming his back.  Often the Now card simply is a time marker “now is the time for something,” but today I think it is also a marker for the harvest itself.  Combined with the Nautiz rune, it suggests that the world-wide problem of harvest failures may be about to really become serious for some people and/or the general public in the West may begin to realize the issue is one of “serious need” (and not just in some far away place either).

I also think this energy is a bit wider than this, suggesting that there may be powerful needs elsewhere (the US hurricane comes to mind) and other issues that will need paying attention to NOW (as opposed to continuing to put them off) – in this case the EU comes to mind.

On a personal level, this is a good day to take care of necessarily planning and finishing up tasks that need “harvesting” or completion.  A better day for finishing off old projects than starting new ones, also a great day for gardening, canning and house-hold chores.

Also a great day for charitable organizations, doing charitable work or other forms of volunteering.  The Now card has a certain sense of “reaping what is sown” so make sure the seeds you plant today are ones you would like to see harvested later.

Over-all an active day for both events and individuals rather than a day of reflection for either.

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