Card of the Day – Monday – August 20, 2012

Today’s Card is the Inquirer with The Sage as a qualifier card for more information – the rune stave is Perthro (Dice cup/fate).

The Inquirer card is one actually designed by the deck creator to be a symbol for the person having the reading.  It was never intended to be a card pulled by chance, but I like to leave it in the deck to see where it ends up.  Since it symbolizes the person/issue being read for; we can assign the meaning of today’s card to both the world and the readers (individuals) of this blog.

The original reading had just the Inquirer and the Dice Cup rune, but that was so open-ended that I asked for a card for clarification and got The Sage (Wisdom).

So the basic reading is The World/Individuals will need to use great wisdom (possibly from the past) to deal with today’s dicey/fated/undecided events.

To make this a little clearer, it suggest that the next 24 to 48 hours have the energies to produce a time period when caution and thought should be used when making decisions and confronting the unknown.

Many things could “turn out to be a gamble” today and tomorrow with no one sure yet how the dice are going to roll.  On the other hand, you can escape fate (Wyrd) in the Norse; but you can choose how you meet it (Will).

The cards suggest that neither individuals nor the world are helpless before what it is happening, in fact they suggest that wise study (the books) and preparation (writing new ideas in the book) are the best way of getting ready for the challenge.

My best guess is that while the next 24 to 48 hours are especially dicey in terms of decisions and things being turned on their heads (ideas/situations that seemed to lead in one direction suddenly going off in another); these energies will not totally go away and may be with us for the next several weeks.

They may not be the foremost energies, but they are likely to be there happily causing disruption and sudden changes where they can and refusing to be tied down by anyone; though again study and preparation can help when dealing with them.

Today is a day to look for stories about rugged individuals, gambling, games, sports, history, reading, book reviews, tests, entrance exams,  historical cycles, wild weather, personal issues, the mind (and/or the self) and noticing that certain macro/current events are about to (or are already) “hitting” the individual in a way they might not have “struck” home before.

This is Not a good day for signing contacts if you can avoid it, if you can’t use that Sage card in a big way, because the Pethro rune suggests that anything seriously planned today is likely to hold some surprises.  If you can’t avoid renting a house, buying a car or signing a business deal today, read all the fine print carefully and make sure it is to YOUR advantage to do so.

Finally, today is a good day for taking care of YOU, remember your important and you need to care for yourself in order to care for others in your life.  So a great day for long baths, mild exercise, nice dinners at home or a fun activity after work.  A mostly passive (non-outwardly active day) but one where that dice cup rune could suddenly whack things into active mode pretty quickly.