Card of the Day Weekend Edition Sat/Sun Aug 18/19 2012

Computer is now fixed and saved from the Blue Screen of Death! To celebrate its return we also return with a full weekend edition card reading.

The cards for this weekend are: The Father, Prison, The Skills and the rune-stave is Wunjo (joy or clan banner).

This presents a mixed reading, one which has a lot of positive energy but also some rather strong negatives to watch out for.

The combination of Father and The Skills is interesting because in many ways these two cards are a set.  In the first card the Father is showing his young son how to shoot a bow and arrow so he will be able to hunt and provide for his family.  He is also pointing out the way that the child should go and what he should aim for.

The Skills card presents us with a similar bow and arrow (though this time a cross-bow, takes less practice to use but longer to wind up) are laying on the ground.  They are ready to be picked up and used by those trained to do so.  The Father (or a mentor/father figure) is the one who most often provides the skills (at last traditionally for boys/men) but it is the responsibility of the individual to pick up the bow for themselves when the time comes to use it.

This is pretty much true of any skill, first we are taught the basics, but then we must practice and learn to use our skills for ourselves.  Otherwise, the weapons/tools just sit on the grass being useless and undirected objects.

The card in the middle is Prison, what this tells me on a personal/individual level is while this weekend is a great time for learning new skills, spending time with children and family or even buffing up on self-defense; there will also be a certain amount of hindering/trapped energy.  This can be both coming from outside ourselves (and their fore beyond our control other than to realize it is there) and from inside with a tendency towards feeling trapped and depressed.  This last problem can be worked on with meditation and distraction; if working on one set of skills/hobbies/interests/work becomes bogged down and “imprisoned” try to move on to something else.

The final bit of information here is the Wunjo rune-stave which generally means Joy or sometimes the clan banner/battle flag.  For individuals, I think this rune really helps balance the weekend’s energies towards the positive side.  Concentrate on what you can learn and accomplish, avoid the “trap” of depression or focusing on what can’t be done and Joy may be found; again the Father and the Clan banner echo each other suggesting Joy is to be found in the family and close personal friends (tribe) during this time period.

Now, for the macro-reading; while all of the above also applies to countries and Peoples/tribes/nations etc; there is also a hint to me of warnings about war in this reading.

It suggests that the use of Weapons (bow and cross-bow) by the “Fathers” (decision makers) while seeming to bring Joy/Battle Banners to the forefront may actually result in a Prison/trap of some kind. 

This also suggests either that the use of some skills may avoid Prison (and bring joy) and/or result in prison (aka the battle flag).

Since these are energy readings rather than events, more than one outcome is possible but I would look for stories today about conflicts, wars, weapons, training, prisons, prison complexes, people being trapped, skill improvement (or situations where skill/lack of skill mattered) and also battle flags “raising the bloody shirt” real or false “flags” as well as a few really joy filled stories, probably about families and friends perhaps who win “battles” together over fantastical odds.

So, for individuals a mostly good weekend with a warning that things may bog down or seemed “trapped” for a while – for the greater world a more mixed picture.