Card of the Day – Wed/Thurs – Aug 15/16, 2012

Still having computer problems and regular computer going to the computer doctor tomorrow may be back Friday (I hope).  So doing a short combined reading tonight for today and tomorrow – the blog should return to normal when computer is fixed.   If it is not sorted this week, I will continue to try short readings…meanwhile I can still do private web, phone and personal readings just contact me for details at

Today’s card is the Castle Tower and the rune-stave is Thurisaz (prick, flag or thorn).

The Tower in this deck is not the Tower of Destruction but rather the Defensive and Protective Tower of the Castle.  This card suggests this is a good time for people (and nations) to take care of themselves and make sure their psychic and physical defenses are updated and in order.

The Thurisaz rune-stave suggest that something may be “pricking” at our defenses both national and personal, and if this “pricking sensation” is paid attention to it can help disclose what areas of our lives need a bit of shoring up and looking into.  If you feel a strong need in the next 24 to 48 hours to take care of something you have been putting off, now is the time to deal with it.

Basically this is an active energy period, but one for taking personal actions as well as international ones.  Just don’t build your emotional and psychic walls too high as you want to make sure that others can contact you if needed.  The problem with the castle on the card, is there is no obvious draw bridge for letting others in.  Sometimes, for a short while that is a good idea, but as a lifestyle it can get lonely pretty quickly.