Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Aug 10 -12, 2012

This weekend‘s cards are:

The Wheel (Fate/Fortune/Karma/cycles)

The Puzzle (a decision which must be made, there are only two choices)

Father (fathers, paternal energies, patriarchy or world leaders)

And the rune stave is: Isa (Ice, stuck, frozen)

Together they form a very interesting and rather concerning reading, especially on a world/western world reading for current events.

The Wheel suggests that something fated, or something in a natural cycle is the main focus of a lot of the energies right now.   We may not be sure what cycle is involved, it could even be more than one, but what ever it is fate is urging it to move (like yesterday’s reading) to not stay in place but to move on towards destiny.

The Puzzle Card being a decision that must be made suggests that how that wheel turns or what direction that new cycle takes is being weighed and decided.  It will not be possible to avoid a decision for ever because the forest that is around the doors prevents going around the decision.  It is however, quite possible for certain decision makers to simple sit still and refuse to move for a while yet and that appears to be exactly what may be happening, right now.

The Father card is one of the more complex cards because the meaning really shifts with the focus of the reading.  While it often means an actual father (or father figure) in an individual reading, in this sort of reading it is more likely to mean father energy, a country with a male identification (like The Fatherland),  Patriarchy and/or world leaders (since so many are male or at least work in a male energy dominated system).  In this case, I think the reading has hints of both of the last two definitions, there may be a decision that must be made by a male identified country (with The Fatherland/aka Greater Germany/EU really high on my lists of suspects) and world leaders (of politics, banking and industry) involved as well.

It is also possible that other areas of current events may be “decided” by not making or delaying decisions: areas such as wars, diplomatic ventures and even responses to geological events.

Why am I concerned, well the rune-stave is Isa or Ice, which suggests that all these pent-up energies, the ones from the past week (especially yesterday) and even those of the Great Cycle of the Wheel that needs to change are becoming frozen and stuck.

Instead of moving, they are sitting still or more accurately being “put on ice” by Peoples/Tribes/Nations/Leaders/Bankers/Corporations who are simply too terrified/confused/egotistical/greedy to actively accept, promote or allow change.

However, any movers and shakers of the Planet actually reading this blog (unlikely but you never know) should be warned that the Puzzle card reminds us that not making a decision is also a decision.  One of those doors will soon crack open on it’s own and the pathway will lead directly to the “Fathers” that are trying madly to prevent any movement.  The Universe does not stand still, sometimes the wheel rolls one way and sometimes another but roll it will (onward and ever onward)…

So, to sum up, what does this mean? It is likely this weekend will be some what frustrating, full of difficult decisions and folks trying their best to point out what other people (not themselves) should be doing; while at the same time avoiding doing very much themselves.

Look for stories about plans becoming bogged down, things getting stuck, great plans being delayed, etc as well as stories about actual and spiritual ice/frozen water situations.  The main picture I get for this weekend is of a stalled car trying desperately to turn over the engine (the wheel) at the direction/decision of the driver (father) but it just isn’t doing much but spinning the wheels forward.

At some point though, that engine is going to “catch” and the jump forward may be a lot more powerful (and explosive) than if a gentle push had been used in the first place.

For individuals, you can deal with the iced energy this weekend by playing along with it; celebrate life in the slow lane, enjoy your family (especially fathers, grand-fathers and uncles) eat ice cream; do not delay decisions that must be made and be ready to roll when the wheel says to turn.