Card of the Day – Thursday – Aug 9, 2012

Today’s Card is The Voyage and the Rune Stave is Nauthiz (need fire/need)

Together they suggest that there may be a great need for movement (travel) either in people actually changing physical locations for some reason and/or because the energies have been relatively stuck lately and they now need to start moving.

Both results are possible with this combination and while in general the Voyage/Travel card is a good thing (especially during the vacation season) the Nauthiz rune suggests an undercurrent of stress/need/evacuation/refugees/difficulties etc.

It can also suggest there is a need for people to “move-on” spiritual and psychically as well, that this is not a time to sit still and take stock, this is a time for movement and positive action.

The need fire is symbolized by the two sticks being rubbed together (or perhaps bow and sticks) one of the most ancient (and most desperate) ways of making a fire against the darkness.

Often, need fires signal the stress that leads to positive change if the warmth brought by the fire is followed with other positive actions to sort out a situation.

On a macro-world/wide scale I’m getting push in the direction of economics but also the hint of some other issue(s) that must be dealt with NOW.  Journey’s and actions which must take place Now, or it may be too late for the need fire to light the way or do very much good.

Look today for stories about refugees, travel, travel problems, the sea, ships (military and civilian), fires, space travel, the nuclear situation in Japan (caused by water/travels by water), and anything with the theme of “moving-on or moving forward.” 

As individuals, this energy can be used to focus on business travel (travel because of need) or pleasure; just be aware there may be some problems along the way (but the need fire is at hand when they come up).

This is a good day for shamanic and other sorts of spiritual journeys, as well as nature walks and other outdoor activities.  A wonderful day to be on vacation, though again don’t panic if problems come up, think on the need-fire and look for practical solutions to get you through until you can make more permanent plans later.

Over  all a mixed energy day, one that could be rather stressful for the world at large (especially if there is a tendency to fight the urge to move forward and ignore the need for action) but mostly positive for individuals especially this time of year.


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