Card of the Day – Wednesday – August 8, 2012

Today’s cards came out stuck together so I am reading them with equal weight and they go together quite well.

The Sage (Wisdom/Study) is combined with the Inquirer a card we have not seen much of recently.  The Inquirer card usually refers to the client in a private reading and since this is mostly a world/western world reading; I am flagging as both the world in general as well as the individuals reading this blog.

Finally, the rune Ansuz (communications/mouth/god) gives us an idea of the subject matter the cards want to point out as needed great wisdom, caution and study today – that is COMMUNICATION.

Today is a day for both fantastic communications (including the Internet) or fantastical problems with communications (including miss-understandings and technological problems).

If wisdom, forethought and study are used before attempting serious interactions (especially between Peoples/Tribes/Nations)then all may go very well indeed.  If this step is skipped and communication is directed from emotional reactions (including religious reactions without thought) things could get very tangled up and even nasty (conflict is one aspect of the Ansuz rune as it is also often associated with Odin).

This is one of those days with powerful energies that could go either way, depending on how they are used.

It is a day to look for stories about communications, dramas, poetry, novels, radio, the Internet, diplomacy and even history (also historical discovery, especially about unknown contacts, interactions).

For individuals it is a great day for thoughtful communications with family, friends and even in the work place.  A good day to study for an exam, learn a new activity or begin a serious meditative seeking for the Divine.

It is also a message for individuals to be very clear today when they do meet with others, making sure they are expressing what they really mean to say.  Thinking before speaking is the order of today’s energy; do so and all is likely to be well.  That is true on both the personal and the global stage today.