Card of the Day – Tuesday – August 7, 2012

Today‘s Card is Prison (trapped) and the rune-stave is Fehu (Cattle/Money/Fertility) – the easy way to read this combination is to suggest that today is a day when it will be very easy to find oneself “trapped” by problems of money or romance (sexuality).  Since the Fehu card literally means domestic cattle (the Wealth of Ancient Europe) this could also refer to livestock/crops as well (and any other sort of wealth such as stocks, gold, precious metals, oil etc).

On a Western World/World Wide reading it looks like the West‘s current economic/money woes are trapping them in a prison of their own making.  If you look closely at the bars on the prison, the prisoner could get up and walk through them if their chains were removed.  They are also too depressed to even look up and see the sunlight through the window, which might help them see a way out of their cell.

I am also getting a sense of “greed” here, Fehu is often associated with fights/wars/battles over money/wealth in fact there are scholars that believe the entire “Ring” Cycle is pretty much a long and winded story about Fehu.  It comes complete with family strife, cursed gold (that everyone fights over), dragons and even incest (fertility issues).

Looking at today’s current events, this combination draws me both to the current problems in the EU (and with the US dollar) but also towards the stock market and “creative” banking that has already caused so many problems (and may trap the world into a lot more).

I’m also getting hints of wealth as oil (problems in the Middle East) and wealth as food/harvests (agriculture, droughts, floods etc.)

If it were not for the Prison card, I would see the Fehu rune as a sign that things might improve slightly towards the Fall season (in the North) but instead it looks like the Prison of bad weather and bad monetary judgments/conflicts will prevail instead.

On a personal level, individuals can use this combination to be very careful about their finances and romantic lives today; realizing that the energy is out there for traps and pitfalls.  This is not a good day to sign a contract (especially over money) if you can avoid it, if you can’t be sure and read all the fine print.  Or you could find yourself in a “prison” of payments for something that is not what you were hoping for.

Also, not the best day to seriously look for a new job, but one where you could take the first steps (just don’t commit to anything if you can avoid it).

This might also be a good time to review the food in your pantry and the money in your bank account; make sure all is well and sorted.

Finally, if things just seem sort of stuck today (especially money and romance) remember that’s just the “energy” of the day and try to accept it.  Few energies stay “stuck” for long, so hopefully in a few days things will return to a more regular flow and you can get on with things.