Card of the Day – Thursday – Aug 2, 2012

Today’s Card: The Skills and The Beauty were stuck together so I am reading them equally today, the Rune-stave Gebo (gift/marriage) completes the set.

Taken together, the reading suggests a much more positive day than a lot of the energies we have seen recently.  Like all energy combinations there are a few darker aspects to watch out for, but in general the over-all out look is positive, especially in areas of romance and personal achievements.

The Skills suggests the skills needed to accomplish something are either already exist or are required.

The Beauty Cards is a  young women coming into her power for the first time; she now realizes that she is beautiful and can use her personal power to affect her life and the lives of others.

The Gebo Rune covers several areas but is usually translated gift of marriage, it tends to suggest partnerships or things working together (also things freely given or offered).  There is also an element of sexuality to this rune, but it is sexuality within the context of contract and gift-giving rather than passion and seeking.

Taken together as a macro reading, it could suggest there is  a chance out there that a perfect match of skills and beauty can bring about the perfect “marriage” or partnership.  That doesn’t mean this will happen, just that the energy is there and can be taken advantage of.

Hopefully this is a good thing, though the flip side of the The Beauty card is a combination of vanity, ego and power (especially feminine power) misused.  The darker side of Gebo is also the unwanted gift, the unwanted partnership, marriage or sometimes a marriage/alliance that is forced.

The energies are out there today for either kind of “marriage” so look for stories of new appointments (political and economic), new alliances (“marriage” between corporations and countries), stories about celebrity marriages, articles (or concerns) about divorce and marriage, even issues about marriage itself will all likely be highlighted somewhere on the news today.

These stories will probably be a mixture of happy and unhappy (or worrisome) news; though again there is a slightly higher chance for positive outcomes.

For individuals a great day for romance, personal skill development, study, working out, courting, weddings, celebrations and anything that brings people together.  Be a little watchful for strife over personal egos and power issues, that is the one down side of The Beauty Card.  If you perceive that someone is trying to manipulate you, best to withdraw from the conversation and leave them alone for now.

But all in all, a nice evening for a serious date or dinner with your spouse; also a good day for sports or any sort of activities requiring dressing up (like parties, concerts, dinner-dates etc).

Perfect energy for a mid-week wedding…

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