Card of the Day – Wed – Aug 1, 2012

Today’s card is Money and the rune-stave is Uruz (Ice Age wild cattle/Health) and they seem to suggest that today’s focus may be a bit more focused than the sort of wilder readings of the last few days.  Which does not imply that this reading is an easy one, rather that it is simply more focused on one major issue.

The issue is obviously money/economics/world economy (in a macro-reading) and the Uruz rune-stave suggests that the “health” of that economy (especially in the West) is going to be called into question.

This has been an ongoing theme and is certainly not new, but the Uruz rune also suggests that the ice (frozen stuck) position that has lasted so long (maintaining an illusion that all is well or at least not too bad) is about to melt and the results cascade into a flood of issues.

In Norse cosmology the world was created when the Primordial cow, licked the ice from the glaciers and caused them to melt.  I’m getting the image of lots of little cracks in the ice breaking away and melting to reveal the REAL health situation of the Money (which I suspect is really, really bad). 

However, there is nothing to suggest that it all falls apart today either, rather that the melting ice is now starting a flood (slow at first) that this time will be very hard or impossible to stop.  Once water (or information) really gets moving, it can be diverted in another direction, but stopping it all together can prove impossible.  That is the image I am getting here.

So, on a world-wide scale (especially North America and EU but I think this is a global issue) look for stories about banks, money, currencies, stock markets etc; either coming unfrozen or flooding the airways with previously buried or suppressed information.  The main energy to think of here is thawing, followed by flooding;

for example stock markets could either “unfreeze” into a massive rally or a spectacular crash in the next few days/weeks if this energy continues.

Also, just look for a major focus on money/currencies/economies today in general; stories of the sort that suggest things/people/tribes/nations may be becoming a bit “unglued” on the subject.

There is also a hint of food related issues here as well, especially foods of the wilder (or more ancient sort) because the wild cattle were hunted way into historical times. They were prized for their great horns (used as drinking vessels) and associated with the Great Feasts and celebrations (times of food and drink).

Also, the money card itself shows this aspect of true wealth in the plowed field shown on the card; the farmers who is truly wealthy is the one whose crops grow in plenty and whose labor is rewarded with a harvest.  Even if he doesn’t find the money buried in the ground (shown on the card) he and his family will still be “rich” in food and plenty.

The Harvest too (in this sense) is money of a sort and I think is also part of this reading...

Finally, for individuals, as always focus on the useful aspects of the energy; this is a good day to look over your household budget, look for areas that can be “loosened” up a bit (or need a bit of freezing).  A good day for investigating business opportunities, taking small risks and hoping for a generally better “flow” of money matters in general.

For a lot of people, this is the day that bills are paid out (money flows outward) and some also get paid (money flows inward) in hopefully a good and reasonable balance.  This is a good day to review that sort of thing as well as to spend a small amount on yourself if you can afford it.  Even an ice cream cone or a surprised gift for a love one would fit with the melting ice flow of the reading.

Caution does apply here, as there will be a temptation to over-spend (flow) but as long as that is kept in mind, this can be a pretty good day for the aware person.

Finally a great day for focusing meditations on both spiritual wealth and wholeness of mind/body/spirit; the most important of all personal wealth in the long run.   If you’ve been feeling rather “stuck” lately, this is a great day for meditation on a return to forward movement.