Card of the Day – Monday – July 30, 2012

Today’s card is The Sage and the rune-stave is Perthro (Dice Cup/Fate) which has the fairly direct message that:

Great Wisdom will be needed to deal with the next “throw of the dice” or “twist of fate,” that is coming up shortly.

While that is pretty obvious in a macro sense, on the ground it gets just a bit trickier, we’ve had hints over the past several weeks that a combination of serious problems may be coming to a head/tipping point in the near future.  Those subjects include things involving the sun (including little sun/nuclear issues), things from the stars (could also be sun, could be other things), economics (money) and war.  These are not exclusive, nor are the mutually exclusive; but today’s reading tells us to be careful to use the lessons from the past (the books) as well as new solutions for the future (the Sage is also writing into a new book) when these situations are being dealt with.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Dice-Cup rune is sometimes associated with Loki (the Trickster God in the Norse) and is very similar to the Wheel of Fortune/Fate card in a tarot deck.  It suggests that the way will continue to be tricky and that things can still change suddenly and dramatically (Loki loves drama); a sort of “gambling with our fate” feeling to this reading.

For individuals, this is a great day to study, finish off homework (or do Summer assignments), work on self-education, old-fashioned reading and inner-work.  It is also a day to be ready for sudden and sometimes dramatic changes or shifts in how things are going.

A good day for games of chance and sport, some of the energy of this rune, may be reflecting all the focus on the Olympic Games, especially on this side of the Water.

Unlike most of the past several weeks, today the energy has swung from very active/outward focused to very passive/inward seeking focuses – studying the problem and planning out future actions rather than attacking them head on.  But being ready for a sudden change of plans and preparations; that could come up at any time.

So get your Summer Novels and Board Games ready, it could be an interesting week…