Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Sat-Sun July 28-29

This weekend‘s cards are: The Stars, The Wheel and Destruction; the rune-stave is Ehwaz (horses/partnerships).

Given the entire months worth of posts, especially those of the last week and a  half; I have to say that on a macro-level this reading is one that suggests a great weekend for individuals to stay home and let the world do what it will.

Here’s why:

We have The Stars – the making of connections, dreams, reaching for the stars, even the whole concept of outer-space or things that are in outer-space.

We have The Wheel – of Fortune/fate/karma/cycles, things that are fated to occur, things that occur in cycles, something that can’t be escaped (or at least not easily).

We have Destruction – Burning towers, dying people, including a dead priest covered in book holding his holy book, armies clashing etc.  Believe it or not, this is often a positive card because we need “creative destruction” of the nasty stuff in our lives to go forward, but I’m not really reading it that way in the macro reading today.

We have the rune Ehwaz – this is two horses, sniffing at each other over a fence; the rune usually means treaties, strength, joint decision making, running together etc.  Often translated: partnership.

The first three cards alone, suggest that something concerning the Stars (or coming from Space) may be on the way to cause Destruction.  This could be anything from a downed aircraft that affects a very limited number of people (or unhappy space launch) to an asteroid or other large object heading our way.

It could also be (and passed readings rather support his one) a time when large solar flares (or other solar problems are likely).

While I for one, have never been comfortable with predictions of a “10th planet” out there waiting to “get us” around 2012 (I think it would be seen by now) that doesn’t mean I can totally discount some sort of planetary threat in this reading.  The Sun looks more likely from a practical view-point, but what ever it is, it comes from space and it is a threat.

However, the partnership rune, suggests that the Destruction from “Space” could be a disruption is Treaties/Partnerships of the sort that leads to war (coming “out of the blue”) or even missiles being fired (coming in from the stars) as a possible night-time attack.

The rune might also be another clue that the only way to respond to any of the above threats is by partnerships with other people; working together to solve the situations both on the local and international level.

My gut feeling is that even if this is a threat from space, unless it is a solar flare/storm; it is unlikely to actually hit this weekend.

It is more likely that the world is simply going to become very aware of the threat either physical or geopolitical (or both) in the next 48 to 72 hours.  Or rather some Peoples/Tribes/Nations/Individuals may become more aware of the threat; while most people are busy watching the Olympics or just enjoying their own view of the stars from their back gardens.

As always, as individuals we can use this combination to simply be aware that this weekend holds some destruction potential and put it to good use (my household is pulling weeds) and that this is also a good time to strengthen ties between friend and family.

The Norse had a tradition that you can’t escape Wyrd (fate) but you can choose how you meet it (Will).  Choose wisely and have a great weekend, but with one eye open to outside events.