Card of the Day – Thursday July 26, 2012

Today’s Card is Now and the Rune stave is Naudiz (need fire) together this card and rune combination continue the now/urgent/active energy that we’ve had for over a week now.  They also suggest that:

Now is the time of Great NEED

What we don’t yet know for certain is that need is for, only that it is very urgent and the very survival of a person/place/nation/situation or even idea may be at stake.

The rune Naudiz represents two fire sticks rubbed together, the most ancient and desperate way of making fire (when you have no other choice, no access to flint and steel or even modern matches).  On of my runic card decks has a picture of sailors lost at sea hoping for rescue, that’s a pretty good description of this rune.

On a macro level I take this reading as a very serious warning that right now is a time when something will continue to come to a head and “Need” to be dealt with.  There will simply not be a choice anymore, it will become so dire very soon that not only will we be certain what it is, we as Peoples/Tribes/Nations will no longer be able to avoid it.

Also, the Harvest Card gives us a clue, the situation may involve actual food harvests and or the “reaping of what has been sewn” in both a spiritual and physical sense.  The idea of cycles of the Seasons coming around is very powerful and strong in this card as is the Sun and all things associated with the Sun

For individuals, as always not so intense a reading; but today may be day when you find yourself in need of certain things you don’t have access to, at least not easily.  Money running short at the end of the month is an obvious one, as is a need for closer ties with family, friends and neighbors.

What ever your need is, NOW is the time to pay attention to it and if it can’t be solved right away at least acknowledge it and start preparing to do something about it.

Hopefully soon, things will begin to resolve themselves a bit further and we will all know what this tipping point/need/birth/stranger/sun energy is all about.  In the meantime, just cope as best you can and be ready for change.