Card of the Day – Tuesday July 24, 2012

Today’s Card is the Libido (sexuality/life force) and the rune is Laguz (water/hidden depths) and I’m going to turn the reading around today because it is such a positive reading for individuals that I want to do that first.

For individual people, this can be a very celebratory card, both in the context of relationships (where the card symbolizes the at of passion that results in creativity and fertility) but also in the greater world.  Combined with Laguz, we get all the “hidden depths” of the Libido, not just the obviously sexy ones.  We also get the great passion of the artist, the “flow” of the athlete, the connections at work when everything just “flow right on,” the joy of friendship and everything that adds color to life.

Life today may have a slightly more vivid edge, though you may also sense that there are hidden meanings to thing you had never noticed before.  It is also a very “watery/flowing” day, and it may have a bit of dream-like quality to it; events that happen may seem a bit fuzzy around the edges.  Expect surprises (we woke up to six new baby kittens this morning) but more manageable ones than those of the past week.  Especially surprises around birth, creativity, dreams and even psychic experiences.

A great day for doing anything with water from visiting the ocean to taking a lot, soaking bath.  Enjoy yourself and spend time with your partner, a great day for the “creation” of children if that is your goal.

However, that’s the good news and as always some of this will spill into the macro reading as well.  Look for stories about creativity, art, water-sports, water related issues, dreams, psychic adventures, UFOs and possible scientific breakthroughs.

This is also a time when stories about sex sandals are likely to hit the press, or any previously “hidden” scandals/events/information for that matter.

I’m also concerned because once again, the card and rune are calling us back to the never-ending hints about something/someone/ that affects human life-force/fertility.  For a long time, I have felt that part of this threat was from Japan, partly from elsewhere and sort of “in the water,” (both literally and figuratively) and here we have the human sexuality/reproduction card with the water rune.

That rune both means water itself and things hidden beneath it; I am feeling a strong pull that part of todays energy is pushing on some of that hidden information (or at least realization) of this threat coming to the surface in a real and startling way.  There are also forces fighting this revelation (I can just feel them) so how much impact this situation has on the minds of most people will depend on how fast they can try to suppress the information that is leaking out.

But not matter what, that information is seeping to the surface and causing ripples in the Laguz/Lake.  Perhaps yesterday’s Dice Cup (Pethro Rune) will partly be decided on how the world and the powers that be react and what steps are taken (or not taken) to deal with this situation.

But again, for individuals, a great day to enjoy life and feel the grass with your bare feet!