Card of the day – Weekend Edition – July 20-22, 2012

*UPDATE: Evening July 20, this post was written BEFORE I saw (or was aware of) “The Joker” headlines, I had no idea this statement had been made on the part of the gunman and was only speculating about the energies around the situation. I have no wish to cause any further hurt to anyone affected by this horrific and tragic event by calling attention to this jerk.  It is true that the Pethro/Dice Cup rune and the Norse God Loki have tricker/”Joker” energies about them and in that sense this terrible event may mirror some of today/this weekend energies.  I was thinking of “Batman and the Joker” but only in a general sense – Melodi

This weekend‘s Cards are: The Tree, Work and The Stranger

This weekend’s Rune-stave is Pethro (Dice cup or fate)

Wow, this is a very interesting mix of cards and rune-stave and I think it signals that this weekend may be reaching and reacting towards that “tipping point” I mentioned in yesterday’s reading.  There is energy that directly affects the foundations of the world (World Tree) as well as the personal “Trees” of Peoples/Tribes/Nations/Individuals.

These energies seemed like to both how things in the world “work” (physical, mental and psychic) and perhaps work (self/national support) itself.

The Stranger (new person/element/issue/information) is still hanging about, and this time he/she/it/they seems to be affecting just about everything that is really important at least for physical and perhaps spiritual survival.

One aspect of the Stranger energy could be last night’s horrific shooting in Colorado where as “stranger” simply opens that door on the card, walks in and starts killing people for no obvious reason.  In an instant, the world is changed, I don’t think last night is the only objective of these cards (though they suggest this may be a primary focus on the minds of many) but this physical example of “strange” and random terror is a perfect real-world manifestation of the current energies.  A truly terrible one, all the more so because it was so horribly real.

In addition to the cards, we have another marker for this weekend being a very fated/serious/cycle tipping time period – we have the rune-stave Pethro or Dice Cup.  This rune is very similar to the “Wheel of Fortune” card found in a lot of tarot decks except that it is also associated with gambling or gambling with fate as it were.  It is associated with Destiny and trying your luck, which is always a risky especially during time periods already clouded by the new and the strange.

It is likely that actual daily jobs and work may be affected by this strangeness, though it could also be simply that the “new” person/place/element/situation is going to have a very serious role to play in the current Destiny/Wyrd/Fate of the World/World Tree itself.

We may still not be exactly sure what the Stranger is, though the last few weeks of reading have suggested elements of the Sun/Solar/Nuclear direction as being a part of it.  Today’s reading also advises that daily life may soon be influenced by this “new” (or new but seemingly on-going) energy.

Soon, I suspect, we will not longer be able to ignore or remain ignorant of what/who/whom the stranger is/are because that Dice Cup is going to roll a really screwy (and probably scary) throw.

Some people (including me) associate this rune with the Norse God Loki, the Trickster.  Loki is not an evil figure in the Norse, but he is the Joker who makes things happen and he tends to create chaos and get on people’s nerves.  While he usually manages to fixes the messes he gets everyone into (often to their ultimate improvement) it is often a very wild ride to get there.

There is something rather wild and chaotic about the energy that I feel is building here; so hang on to your hats this weekend because may be a rather bumpy ride.

Hopefully for individuals it will also be a safe one, best way to insure that is to “stay grounded” (like the roots of the tree) and focus on the work that needs doing (physical/mental/spiritual) and don’t be surprised when Strange and Unexpected events upend your plans.

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