Card of the Day – Thursday – July 19, 2012

Today’s Card is The Voyage and the rune stave is Sowilo (the Sun, Lightning, electricity, nuclear energy).

We can see that today while the main card has changed, one of the over-all energies has not. Yesterday the Card was The Sun, today the rune-stave is The Sun; so we can be pretty darn sure the Sun is a very important energy right now and has been for some time.  In addition to the Sun itself, this rune stave especially, can stand in for nuclear issues (little sun) as well as lightning (another one of the rune’s meanings) or stormy weather.  It is also a symbol for strength and power, a reason why its double-version was used by the “storm troopers” of Germany during the Second World War.

I suspect that right now, the Sun Rune (and several times re-appearance of both Sun card and Sowilo) over the last week is about a major energy affecting all of the above.  The most important being the impact of the Sun itself on our planet, which is also suggested by The Voyage Card.

The Voyage is often a symbol for a journey, travel, things relating to travel, the Ship of State and it can be a spiritual journey as well as a physical one.  In this case, given all the other readings, I think the Voyage is that of the Sun itself as it goes through the galaxy and through the phases of its own cycles; right now, that may be the most important energy affecting the Earth at this time and that includes affecting the people who live on it.

It is affecting us in obvious way with solar storms (and fantastic auroras), spectacular lightning storms and other violent weather, storms of fire, the dryness of drought, the lashing of wind and an over abundance of rain in many areas (with heat and drought in others).

It is affecting us in other ways that may not be quite so obvious in terms of pulls on the Earth itself as well as the Sea; not to mention affecting our minds as we react to changes in light patterns or the increased electricity in the atmosphere before the storms.

I am also still feeling threads of all things nuclear in this Sun reading, there is something going on there as well, though that is an earthly event, rather than planetary influence.

As a metaphysical energy, the Sun also tends to shed light on problems, open things up that have been hidden, and is the sort of weather you want for “clear sailing” or so something can go ahead, that you were waiting for the storm to pass.

Of course as lightning, this can also be a storm on the horizon, so it is also possible that the sailor is headed into a storm, which is why paying very careful attention to where the ship is pointing is very important right now.  One miss of the sign posts could turn an obvious path into a thorny one very quickly with this sort of energy.

My feeling is that today’s energy is once again active and moving, it is now headed towards another tipping point (a time period when things tend to come together and something serious happens, also a time when the energies shift from active back to passive).  So, the Voyage is towards that goal full steam ahead with the full light of “day” to guide it but also with storm clouds just around the edges ready to strike it.

For individuals a great day for traveling, vacations, being outdoors, working with solar energy, science experiments, hiking, swimming and other active pursuits.  It is also a day when serious inner-work like “Shamanic journeys” can be attempted; and a wonderful day for solar rituals of all sorts.  Just be watchful for sudden changes in the weather, both physical and figurative.


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