Card of the Day – Wednesday July 18, 2012

Today’s card is The Sun (Solar Disk/Sunshine/Strength/nuclear) and the rune-stave is Jera (harvest).

As a macro reading, this one is about as obvious as it gets and is particularly powerful because the topic is so appropriate to sorts of questions posed to the Germanic Rune staves.  In the ancient Greenland Saga, a Seeress is asked,

“What of the Harvest?” ..probably the most important question a traditional farmer can ask and even if someone lives on the 34th floor of an urban high-rise building it is still going to affect their daily life in some fashion today.

The Sun card, in this deck, is also a harvest card (see the wheat in the fields, the hail bailed and ready, the happy dancers of Spring asking for the fertility of the soil etc) which sort of doubles the intensity of the Harvest Rune by itself.

The basic message of the cards is:

The Sun holds the key to The Harvest….

Now, that can be viewed on a lot of levels, in North America it is obvious that The Sun, in an aspect of excessive heat, is destroying the harvests and it may very well be that this is the real, main energy of the day for that part of the world.

In parts of Europe, the exact opposite is happening, a lack of sun in the UK and Ireland has destroyed a good portion of the harvests here.

In both cases not everything is lost, but a great deal has been affected and if we all still lived in localized villages there would be a lot of actual starvation this Winter.

The Sun can also be other things than just the disk in the sky though; so there are also other areas that should have a watch kept on them for the next 48 to 72 hours and those would be issues of nuclear power/bombs/fusion (little sun) and Strength (strong men/strong materials/things holding together). 

The same is true of “harvests” which can also be the general outcome of seeds already planted – those do not have to be actual seeds in the ground (most of the time they symbolic).

Jera is a much a “Cycle Rune” as in “Winter Follows Summer Follows Winter” and can suggest a repeat of such a cycle.  In this case “Solar Cycle” is the most obvious cycle to come into focus, but other historical, climatic or even economic cycles could be at play today.

Remember, energies tend to be general atmosphere rather than a specific event (at least most of the time) the energies on any given day (or time period) make things more likely to happen than others.

So look for stories (or events) that concern the Sun, Harvests, Nuclear issues, Strength, and Cycles today.

In your own life, things may seem clearer than they have for a while, you may noticed repeating patterns in yourself turning over and it should be a good day to get things done. 

This is also a day when things you have done in the past, may very well come back to greet you, hopefully happily but that depends on what the past action was.  On the other hand, it is also a fantastic day for planting new seeds for future harvest; a good day to actually harvest your physical garden of course or even put in some very late season crops.

Over all a rather “clear” day energy wise, Sun and Harvest are very ancient energies and can work well for spiritual as well as physical activities.  Look for “enlightened” Solar/Sun meditations and perhaps glimpses of the great cycles of time – a good day for personal rituals too.





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