Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – July 13-15, 2012

The Cards for this weekend are Birth, The Libido (Sexuality/Life force) and the Voyage while the Rune-stave is Fehu (Domestic cattle/wealth).

First, I’m going to reverse my usual order of reading, because this combination can be so positive for individuals, I want to let out the good news of this energy.  There is energy for the creation of new things/projects people; energy for romance/art/color/sexuality/conception and there is energy for things flowing outward in new directions/voyages/travels/journeys/vacations.  All of these could lead to increased wealth and prosperity and even good gardening (or healthy cattle if you a rancher or healthy kittens if you breed pedigreed cats).

There is a hint or warning here, because all of these cards (and especially the rune) have a hidden sting and that is the over-abundance of passion/sexuality/wealth/fertility can lead to fights and disputes over the same.

There has been a suggestion that the entire Ring Cycle (made famous by Wagner) is a very long explanation of the Fehu Rune gone “wrong.”  You get fights over gold, rings (including murders and kin slayings) sexuality (including brother-sister incest), the slaying of monsters (hording the gold) and tribal warfare over money.

While this dark side should be kept in mind by individuals (if you have a lucky day at the races, quit while your ahead and make sure to avoid public attention, if really lucky share with your family); it is in an international sense where I see this dark side of fighting over wealth/resources/crops/livestock/gold/fertility.

There is also a hint (echo) from previous readings about something that affects the birthing/sexuality/fertility of people; but my hunch is that this time it is more about agriculture and livestock (that domestic cattle rune).

The voyage suggests that things are “moving” on this issue and where they are going we are not quit sure.  It probably will mean wealth and prosperity for some and there are also the energies for further new breakthroughs in science this weekend; especially genetics or even space travel.

It is also possible that this past week’s solar energies may play a role here, with solar-flares being due to hit this weekend, likewise the weather may seriously affect things.  Yesterday’s Ice-Age Cattle Rune, Uruz; is an interesting preview with the Work card, since agricultural work is what created domestic cattle (wealth) from their wild cousins (at the end of the last ice age).

In its own way, that domestication (along with plant crops) helped people develop an entire new system of living and economics (you could say it “gave-birth” to the post-Ice-age way of life).

There are hints here, that a new (and perhaps very great) change of a similar sort is on the horizon; leading to a new Voyage into the future.  We can hope the changes (and eventual new economy/wealth/fertility/sexuality/life-sustaining force) is positive.

But we shouldn’t forget that between the long-ages of hunting and gathering life in caves (which were fairly stable and comfortable in a relative sort of way) and the Neolithic (New Stone Age of Agriculture, settled living and accumulated wealth) there was the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age/Middle Era) of upheaval, change, wandering, change of diets, change of habits, changes of climate; in fact pretty much everything that can be seen today.

Not all of these things will happen this weekend of course, but it is nice to be reminded that all of this upheaval is hoping Voyaging somewhere, hopefully a new and better place; at least after all the ice melts and the dust settles.